August 31, 2014

Cat calls.

Mid century stylized cats are the best kind of cats. 
Nine photos. Nine lives.
 I promise that was a total coincidence!

Yesterday we took our dog for a walk and spotted a sweet orange tabby in a parking lot. We both took turns going to see him, while the other stayed back with Leah, so as to not scare the timid thing. We have lots of wandering cats in our neighbourhood, but this one was so sweet. It rubbed it's face all over my hands and wanted a good scratch. I think he sparked my cat fever for this post today. If I could've brought him home, I probably would have. 

It's a rainy Sunday in the city and I have to do a second coat of paint downstairs. 
Everyone stay dry and enjoy a quiet day!

Marissa xo

August 30, 2014

Painting days.

We have started painting our basement and it looks phenomenal. I've had some swatches ready to go for a while now, because it's never too early to start paint plans. I think that having that little piece of colour is what inspired me to hang in there for the last two months. The state of things has been messy and unkempt, but we are so close to the finish line. Getting the first coat up was just what we needed to start seeing the finish line.
The style of the basement was always going to be mid century, but with a bit of a modern feel for my fiancé. He likes an older antique style mixed with brand new pieces, so it was important to incorporate more classic colours. For paint we chose "Barely Brown" and "Midnight in N.Y." by Behr. The former is a little creamy grey, that should appear pretty close to white. I'm truly looking forward to lightening up that space. Anything will really. It was a light, dusty salmon colour before. Midnight in N.Y. is our accent colour. It's a stunning and dramatic chalkboard-esque colour. Maybe a bit darker. We had a difficult time with this, because I had my heart set on a deep teal colour, until I remembered I have a royal blue couch. Those two colours were never going to sit well together. So back to the drawing board.

I'm not going to lie, there were a lot of compromises with this basement. We both have such different styles. It's going to serve so many different purposes - music room/recording studio/library/party room/relaxing area. You name it. Getting the style just right was so important. In the end I'm trying to envision the future and get a good space going for when we have a family, and then ultimately for when we're ready to move on and sell the house to some lucky new owners. 

Anyway, I think we have a good thing going. We have a nice new carpet purchased and ready to go, and this week I'll be spray painting our mantle. We also have some shelving to install for the library wall. It's a step by step process, but it's nearly there. And once it's done, the shop can get so much more attention. I'm so ready to get going. I'm nearly stocked up for a whole winters worth of listing.

I just wanted to share our colour palette choices today, and to let you know things won't be so scatterbrained so very soon. So feast your eyes on this!:
This turned out super Hallowe'en-y, but I assure you it's not! Computers always adjust colours in such weird ways. The wall is less pink toned and the darker accent has a dark blueish tint.

I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I wanted to do something a little elegant. We're pretty whimsical upstairs, so why not step in and get a little more traditional where we can. Besides, the laundry room is going to be a bright shade of orange called "Cheese Puff". That's crazy enough!

Can't wait to show more before and afters!

Marissa xo

August 24, 2014

Fall Faves

I go through some different fazes that seem to change every time the weather turns. My clothes change, my hair, my beauty routine and my home especially. We are nearing September. It'll be here in a matter of days. I'm already gathering up ideas on how I want this Fall to pan out. Here's a little wish list of things I've put together for the seasons fast approaching.

I recently found a similar plant stand to the stand on the far left for fifty cents, but without planters. This fall I've made it my goal to fill it with some nice matching pots. As for the fireplaces, as I said already I'm super excited to have mine. Soon enough I will, but I've been planning how to decorate it. Our vintage electric fireplace insert, firewood or candles? All are good. I have this set of Syroco wall hangings except this specific one. I'm thinking I should try to hunt it down one of these days. I've included it here because the nature theme and deep orange colour really make me feel like Autumn is on it's way. For fashion, I've really been into bold graphic looks with a simple colour palette. It's a total coincidence that I chose red, navy and white for this whole thing, but I guess it works! Clearly that's what I'm into right now. haha! Beauty wise, I like a deeper blood red lipstick for Fall with bare eyes. My skin gets a little dehydrated this time of year, so serums are a must! This Lise Watier one is ridiculously good.

I'm looking forward to the crisper air.
The rain we've been having here is sure putting me in the mood to stay cozy.
Keep warm!

Marissa xo

August 23, 2014

Basement Inspiration

Most of my online silence this summer has been due to some major changes in our home. We have a very sweet but tiny mid century house built in 1950, that we bought hoping to restore it back to its full potential. Being that it's summer and all, we decided it was high time to get started on a major problem - our basement.

In our area, a lot of houses don't have basements. Or if they do, they're just concrete holes in the ground below the house. We were lucky to get a finished basement, that needed some extreme TLC.
It's permanently dirty from years of wear and neglect, cold and way too dark. Besides when we first moved in we had to have some plumbing done and a bunch of wall was ripped open and exposed. Even some ceiling tiles had fallen down. And the old linoleum tile flooring was missing so many tiles too. I'm sure it was fabulous back in the 50s, but not so much anymore.

Like all reno projects, the job is slow and tedious. There's always some unforeseen issue to resolve. But in the end all the waiting around for the finishing point will be worth it. In excited to have insulation in the walls for the first time ever, and some good wiring so that I'm not afraid to use the outlets. I feel like in always waiting for things to burst into flames! Old houses are both fun and dangerous. You've got to be ready for anything.

Right now we are almost ready to paint, but we sure went through some rough stages. When you tear out all the walls down to the concrete and start from scratch, there's a lot to be done. I can only begin to dream up our new layout and how our furniture (now in storage) will look down there. I'm truly excited to get my 60s blue velvet couch back! It's one of my very favourite possessions. I feel like I'll end up designing the room around it.

In theme with all my basement plans I wanted to share some photos that will serve as inspiration for me while I decide how to paint, (I'm leaning towards a soft grey, clean white and deep midnight blue for accents.) how to set my faux fireplace mantle into the wall and what else we need to make the space great. All that good stuff! Enjoy!
 One of our top focal points on our wish list for this basement was a large bookshelf. This one is perfect and I'm liking the warmth in this photo anyway. So into the inspiration folder it goes!
 This room is very clearly a living room, but the colour scheme is very similar to what we're looking for. The cozy setup is perfect for having friends over for a visit or reading on the couch. 
As you can see we're definitely going for a mix of modern and mid century. It needs to match the rest of the house, while still being a room that my Fiancé will enjoy playing guitar and putting his enormous collection of books in. I thought he would love to have a slanted magazine rack attached to the bookshelves to display some of his more collectible books. This room seems lovely.
Again, these are living rooms, but apparently everyone thinks a basement needs to look like a dark cave. I'm looking forward to bring lightness and cute bursts of colour into the space like these perfectly styled places: One and two.
My blue velvet couch looks in a little better shape than this sweet girl, but fitting mine into my basement and designing a colour scheme around it is top on my priority list.
This mantle was decorated by a very creative fellow Winnipegger, Erin from Ohsolovely. I can only hope to decorate my new mantle as nice as this one! There is no doubt this needs to be included in my inspiration photos. 
 It's nice to know blue velvet couches can look pretty against a variety of colours. I'm so ready to start decorating!

I can't wait for all the messy work to be done, so I can start moving stuff around. For now I can only dream up potential layouts and paint colours. 

Marissa xo

August 22, 2014

I Love...Vintage Barware!

We're not big drinkers, but I always knew I wanted to host great little parties at our house right from the start. With our home slowly piecing together, and the discovery of a vintage bar cart early this summer for $7, I figured we should put together a corner for our barware. Something that's easy to pretty up when entertaining, but simple enough to leave up all the time. I thought we should definite start keeping our eye out for retro glasses and serving dishes to give our fancy new cart the recognition it deserves. It's a conversation piece worth having, and I can't wait to have guests crowded around, picking out their drink of choice! Here are some amazing vintage pieces I would love to have in my small but blooming collection. Do you have any of these?
(From top left to bottom right:)

1- These aren't vintage but check out this amazing pink starburst glass from Bombshell Bar Goods. 
2- Federal Glass Amoeba Boomerang wine glasses are always the most fun and classic of the mid century bar patterns! 
3- A set of four atomic, space-age looking glasses are a definite must have for an outstanding Mad Men themed look.
4- This a set of two orange glasses with a very unique design that I'm quite drawn to.
5- I love a good set of gold frosted glasses with their original carrier. 
6- The Pillow Talk Set (also not vintage) from Bombshell Bar Goods is the perfect gift for newlyweds. I'm digging the amazing retro font!
7- These spectacular pink, black and gold Hazel Atlas glasses are tough to find, but oh my, look at that fabulous pattern!
8- I'm all for a good tantalus. Especially one as decorative as this. Great fonts displaying each liquor name is a bonus too!
9- This set of travel flasks makes me so happy. Complete with it's own perfect carrying case, it feels like this mini collection should be on the set of a Wes Anderson film. 

There are so many styles out there. Even modern day companies are trying to compete for your attention by bringing out vintage inspired collections, a lot of which are oh so adorable. I always tend to lean towards vintage, because I know they're well made and the history side of it always gets me. However, I'm not above buying something new if it's worth it! 

So let's get this bar cart filled!

Marissa xo

August 17, 2014

Personal and Shop Finds for August

I can't believe we're more than halfway through August already. When did that even happen?! To break the blues of summer ending faster than we all want, I thought I would recap my top discoveries for this month. so let's do two of mine, and two for the shop!
I came upon this lovely small set of dishes at Value Village a week ago and I'm thrilled about it. I don't really stick to a type or maker when it comes to kitchen items. The only rule is it needs to be turquoise. I'm always on the hunt, but I know everyone else is too. Turquoise has become a very popular colour and tracking it down has become a matter of luck. I'm still in complete shock that this pattern belongs to me!
This letter organizer was a very sweet find at an Estate sale this Saturday. It was the very first thing I spotted and I nabbed it right away. It had a large sticker overtop of the entire "memos"section and a modern pencil holder stuck to the side with adhesive. I got both things off without any trouble. There is some light damage, and obviously needs a good scrub, (I only hung it up for this photo.) but this is exactly the thing we need to get organized and it's aqua! I have always wanted one of these, and had previously considered buying one off Etsy. Now I've got one and the temptation is gone. I can only imagine what they had sold the day before on Friday, because I sure felt like I had taken all the best things, or I should say what I thought were the best. What treasures did I miss? 
This cat salt and pepper shaker is creepy and cute all at once. Found at another Estate Sale, it was part of a shaker collection of the woman's mother that was high in the hundreds. I always love dipping into old salt and pepper shaker collections. You can always tell a lot about the person depending on how crazy their collection is. This one was wonderfully kitschy, and I walked away with three separate pairs for the shop. You'll see the other two sweeties very soon! All three need a good cleaning to be rid of their dust before they're ready for listing. 
Whether we like it or not, Christmas is approaching. For businesses big and small it's always important to get a leg up and be prepared for early holiday shoppers. Whether it be decorations or gifts. I'm pretty bad at getting my gifts organized early, but my decoration planning and buying happens at the first sign of Fall. I get way too excited to put out my family's things now that they've been passed down to me. I suppose it's a childhood nostalgia thing for me. Anyway, the point of this is that I discovered a giant box retro candles that will surely get us all in the mood for winter festivities. I've already glanced through them all to give them a once-over, but I'm pretty excited to take them all out to see what I've got! There a few newer ones at the top, but underneath them are the really cool guys. I know I saw a pretty adorable deer and a perfectly chubby snowman! Around Christmas I also like throwing a cute vintage ornament into my packaged orders for my customers. Maybe this year I'll have a few spare candles! We'll see!

Obviously there's still a little time left for summer garage sales and back-to-school thrifting. Can I find anything cool in the last 14 days of August? I hope so! 

Marissa xo

August 16, 2014

Summer Happenings

This summer has been crazy. Totally not excuse for falling away from posting, but we have been undergoing many changes. Small ones and big ones. I don't know why, but I always feel like our lives specifically are in a constant whirlwind of change. Do you ever feel like that too? I always get the impression our lives shuffle around faster than other peoples, but in retrospect, I'm sure that's not true. It just feels that way.
Our basement, all cleaned up before the walls came down. 
We have been tackling many things this season. We wanted to get an early start on organizing for our annual garage sale, while clearing our basement out for renovations anyway. Might as well kill two bird with one stone, right? In the midst of this, my mom suddenly decided to sell her home and that came sooner than any of us thought! I'm so happy she did though, because her new place is gorgeous, and I would happily move in there! 
We adopted a very cute Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu cross named Leah. She was in desperate need of a home and we couldn't say no. She's just over a year old and has a lot attitude and energy. She's calmed down a lot since we've had her here, and she's taken a real liking to our cat Royal. She's fitting into our little family perfectly. And what's best is she seems at ease with my vintage hunting. She doesn't touch a thing. My favourite kind of pup!

This year, my dad bought a cabin too, so we have been trying to spend as much time as possible at the lake. I grew up going to the lake all summer, so being able to revisit that side of my life is a dream. Besides that, we're even thinking of the cabin for our wedding next summer! I think it'll become a very special place.
Thrifting and garage-saling has become a little hard to do lately. I try to hunt down the best of the best, but you have to sort through a million things before you find something worthwhile! It seems like I'm always working on the best days for pursuing. Luckily, on the days I have been able to get out there, I have unearthed some pretty insane things. I've definitely found some things I never thought I would touch or hold with my own hands, like two turquoise fibreglass shaded lamps with perfect atomic-style bases, a set of 3 teak wood lamps (Just got back from that hunt and my heart is still racing! I get too excited, honestly!) a fabulous Georges Briard Bar Cart and much much more. I always tend to go for the larger more furniture based items and that's bad!! I was jokingly telling my family that I would have to open up a brick and mortar or mobile shop to start making more space for my findings. Seems like a good future goal to me though! 
I used to post recipes on here, but I haven't in the longest time. One of my favourite past times is cooking. I can bake pretty good as well, but I never get too crafty or serious about it. In the last little while I've given up on being adventurous foodwise, so the recipes have stopped. I have a very sensitive stomach and I'm still fighting to get that under control. It leaves my cooking pretty uninspired and I am often confused about my dietary restrictions. After too many medically prescribed nutritional plans, I have found my own way to something that seems to be working! After 10 years of being a vegetarian, I have returned to eating meat. 

I know it's not a huge deal, but it sure was a big change for me. As someone who chose that and was on and off vegetarian for most of my life, I didn't know how to approach all these new things to incorporate into my food. I chose to be vegetarian base on many things, but in the end I realized eating meat along with cutting out certain foods like carb-based things was the right choice. I would choose to be healthy and thriving over just being "right" in my own opinion. Sometimes you don't have the luxury to choose things and for me, that's one of them. I can live with that. All I can say is, once I get my health back on track, maybe I can start a new set of recipes. I love to cook and create, so why not. I'm kind of looking forward to some normalcy there.
This is an incredible soup I've made twice from the blog Love&Lemons and I don't think I will ever stop making it. You can do so many variations of it and I like to leave mine a little chunky. It's kind of the best thing ever. 

Okay that's all for now! I went to the Farmers market and a tonne of garage sales today. I'm going to take a break and reflect on all my goodies. 

See ya later!

Marissa xo

August 15, 2014

What's Old is New

I have recently noticed vintage has taken up a lot of my life, I think mainly because when we started redoing our basement, I had to bring up all my collections and shop items into the living room. Its kind of terrifying to see it all in one place. Yikes. 

So while I've been sitting here, working on stuff amongst the towers of boxes and loose items, (Yes, the living room is currently the only place I can work as well...) I have found myself getting more flexible in what I want to put into the shop. Here are some favourites that went up this week. I have no doubts about finding any of these things new homes, because if I could, I would keep 'em in a heartbeat!  
 These two kitties are cuter than cute! I found them completely speckled black with caked on dirt. They've endured a couple of washes and are now scouting for a new place to live. Every time I look at them I have second thoughts. Should I keep them?

 This was one of my more exciting finds this year. Mainly because suitcases such as these ones are part of my most treasured childhood memories. We used to have a bunch with paisley prints to hold our toys. They carried our vintage Barbie clothes. The ones my grandmas had made for my Mom and Aunt when they were young from the most retro prints you could ever see, and the ones that came along with those vintage Barbies kept in a separate case. All my Barbies ever wore was vintage. Even at that age I was entranced in another time.

The reason why I love these suitcases specifically is that they're pretty plain. I'm sure that sounds weird, but because of they're simple colour palette, they can easily be unisex for little girls or boys! Or if you're just in need of a cute little set for light travelling, like camping, you might consider this set for yourself. That was my initial thought upon finding them.
 This was a difficult decision, but I don't feel too much attachment to them. Please, someone buy them before I grow to love them! This set of two light green fibreglass shades is pure magic. I already own two different starburst shaded lamps myself. One table lamp and one floor lamp. Upon discovering these, I had instantly claimed them as mine, but reconsidered quickly. I have too many, so I'm letting some other lamp-lovers out there have a chance to own something cool and unusual. 
I thought these sweet girls would be our bedside table lamps forever, but I have recently replaced them. Making excuses to fit them into other areas of our home is just not working! It is highly unusual to find pink lamps of this age, especially with oval-shaped shades and as a pair. They're in excellent (almost like new) condition, but I think mostly because I purchased them from the original owners. I know someone out there will scoop them up and put them on display proudly in their home, just like I did before a couple turquoise two-tiered lamps stole the show and took their place. 

I'm trying to practice a bit more willpower. I actually have amazing willpower already when it comes to "things" and donating and giving items away. Plus my family hosts at least one garage sale every year! I have grown up with them as a tradition and actually look forward to the "junk" cleanse. In recent months I've been hanging onto way too much though. I've been pretty relaxed about my personal rules, and my Fiancé doesn't help. He's probably a bigger collector of random things than I am! Not specifically vintage, but he has a real appreciation for 50s and 60s styles. Especially fonts and cool era-specific designs. It's easy to ignore if you leave it for storage in the basement you don't use. Now that our basement is almost usable I guess I have to face facts and start purging some things. I think I'm okay with that now.

Have a great Friday!

Marissa xo

August 14, 2014

Base Beauty - Forever in Use

I've been absent from blogging for well...almost all summer actually. It sort of got away from me, but I can tell you, this Fall I'll be writing full force again. Get ready for some fancy new posts and some new kind of blog dedication!
I'm back on here today to talk about a very select few of my all time favourite beauty products. I picked only these four products, because they're all skincare or base products, which have lead me to find my most beautiful skin. All of these I have used daily and continuously for over three years, with a little swaying for the trial of new things in between. (Which can't be helped. I'm a Cosmetician! I have to try it all!) 

Growing up I had THE WORST skin. So much oil and so much acne. I know everyone says that, but all I ever remember is being made fun of for that reason, so to me, it was kind of a big deal at the time. I honestly never dreamed my skin would be considered clear and I would receive compliments on how smooth my skin was. Little does everyone know... haha!

It didn't get there overnight, and it's still something I work hard at every morning and every night. For someone who is interested in claiming their own brand new skincare routine, my advice is find a good regimen and stick to it. Don't cheap out and get sub-par skincare and please, please do not use makeup to cover up what you don't like on your skin. Skincare CAN help you. Whether it's prestige, (some) mass drugstore or prescribed. Do not give up and do not cut corners! Do your research thoroughly. If you can't get the answers on your own, ask for help. There are professionals out there who know what they're talking about, I promise.

I've tried so many things out there to tackle my skin over the years. Some work, others don't. These things are by no means the be all end all items I would use. I have a few I know I can swap out if I need a change. Trust me, the things that are right for you are out there too.

I've been very lucky to find favourites in almost all areas, but mostly I can credit that to being around a lot of testers all the time. For my skin I always test for texture, colour and coverage. I like what I like.

1 - I'll start with what gets applied first - my moisturizer. I used the Neostrata Smoothing Cream in Level 3. This has been my go-to product for such a long time now. It's is a Glycolic Acid based cream, which is made from sugar cane. What is does is act like a physical exfoliator on the surface of your face, eating up dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin untouched and smoothe hence the name "smoothing cream." This product is very gentle, especially compared to other exfoliating products with Vitamin C based ingredients for example. It is always something that is recommended, but it can be quite harsh. There is no control there and they often leave the skin irritated, making way for redness and allergic reactions. This moisturizer is like having a gentle daily mask or microdermabration. With this, I don't have to go out of my way to do special treatments on my skin. It's already built into my simple daily moisturizer. Since using this product, my skin has become clearer, my pores have tightened, the whole appearance is smoother and brighter and best of all my makeup goes on like a dream. For anyone interested in trying this product, they are currently reformulating all their Glycolic creams in Neostrata. I've been told they'll soon be fully available, but right now they only have the lower levels 1 and 2. If you find you are sensitive to AHAs or you've never used a product of this type, it is always recommended to start with the lowest level of Glycolic acid and work your way up to get your skin used to the specialized ingredients. (Level 1 is 4%, level 2 is 6% and level 3 is 8%.) This product lasts me about a year before I have to replace it. How amazing is that?! 

2 - Second is Lise Watier Sun Smart. This is by far my favourite thing. I don't know if I could ever stop using it. Sun Smart is a universal UV sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Sunscreen is extremely important to me and even if it wasn't, (Hey, I know a lot of people don't wear it still, but you should!) you're going to use an exfoliating product like Neostrata's Smoothing Creams you MUST wear one to protect your skin. Not wearing one will not only leave your skin unprotected while your skin is extra sensitive from exfoliation, it will also reverse the effects of the cream. Don't waste your money! It also has an incredible silky oil free texture. Now usually I say oil free doesn't matter. Oil free things can still be oily and weird, but this thing can mattify like no other, while keeping your skin baby soft and smooth. Because of it's texture it's perfect for swopping out with your everyday primer. In fact I never even think of it as a sunscreen. I always consider it a primer with added benefits. So there you go; two products in one.  And if you didn't think it could get any better, it has also done away with a lot of my acne and cut down my oil production significantly. A good primer will do that for you! This tube can last me anywhere from 4-6 months usually.

3 - Next is a fabulous Foundation which has really done wonders - the Lise Watier Teint Mousse Matifiant in Porcelaine. This foundation has a very similar texture to the "primer" above and is the perfect match for it. It's smooth, easy to apply, and also helps cut down on common skincare issues like oil and acne. When applied, it's finish is matte and silky with what I would classify as a medium to full coverage. As someone with extra pale skin, I find it impossible to find the right shade of foundation. They just don't make them that light. Sure it's easier in lightweight foundations like BB creams or tinted moisturizers, which can blend out right away, but I prefer to have a fuller coverage. Full coverage foundations are not kind to the lightest of skin and you can tell right away if you have the wrong colour. Ladies and gentlemen, please choose your colour wisely. This is the perfect shade of pale. I always recommend it for fair-haired or red-haired people with the lightest of skin tones and it always pulls it off and steals the show. I can't even tell you how many people I have made happy with this foundation over the years. Including myself! This foundation can last me anywhere from 6-9 months. 

4 - For my base products I tend to stay away from mass wall products. They are usually made with lower quality ingredients than prestige or the carefully controlled derm products. and are generally not tested outside of their own companies. I'm not saying all mass is bad to use. It's definitely not. I use a great deal of these products myself, but it's just knowing which ones are better than others. We have been lucky in recent years, because these companies are stepping up their game and recognizing that their clientele are more interested in ingredients and raising the bar on their routines. We're asking for more and they are listening. That's why you're seeing higher prices for what you would've considered cheap brands before. 

My fourth product is a mass one, which I can say works better for me than any concealer I have ever tried. Mass or prestige. This is the Loreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer in C-3-4-5. I don't know how I ever lived before this product came out. Certainly my dark circles were always more prominent. This is a lightweight liquid concealer with a brush tip with incredible coverage. Not only is it the prefect amount of colour to hide anything you need to hide, it's also light reflecting. Which means light particles bounce off of it, creating the illusion of lighter brighter skin. It's a miracle worker for dark circles and hides acne and discolouration with ease. I will use this concealer forever, and will always recommend it for anyone who tells me they've given up on concealers. This one can last from 5 to 6 months.

Okay that's all for my lesson today! Haha. I'm going to continue to do these posts, because I know there are tonnes of lost people out there wandering their local beauty departments in confusion. 
A few key points to remember are to always apply your product correctly. Blending it wrong or failing to follow the directions can make all the difference between a bad application and a good one, which will ultimately make your opinion on whether or not you would use it again. So always check that you're using it right and if you don't know, ask. Another good tip is that almost everyone uses waaaay too much of their products. If you want to get the most out of your money and products, you should be using much smaller amounts. You only need a little bit for them to be effective. The biggest overuses that happen are with skincare, but this can also happen with cosmetics. Always remember, it's easier to put more on if needed than to take it off. In the end you'll find you'll have everything for longer, making your pricier go-to items all the more worth it in the end. 

I hope some of this helped you and if you have any questions about these items or any others, feel free to ask! I'm always more than ready to help out or take on a problem! If you have any products you can't live without, let me know! I love hearing what everyone else is using. 

Thanks everyone! 
And remember, you'll be finding me on here more often now!

Marissa xo