August 22, 2014

I Love...Vintage Barware!

We're not big drinkers, but I always knew I wanted to host great little parties at our house right from the start. With our home slowly piecing together, and the discovery of a vintage bar cart early this summer for $7, I figured we should put together a corner for our barware. Something that's easy to pretty up when entertaining, but simple enough to leave up all the time. I thought we should definite start keeping our eye out for retro glasses and serving dishes to give our fancy new cart the recognition it deserves. It's a conversation piece worth having, and I can't wait to have guests crowded around, picking out their drink of choice! Here are some amazing vintage pieces I would love to have in my small but blooming collection. Do you have any of these?
(From top left to bottom right:)

1- These aren't vintage but check out this amazing pink starburst glass from Bombshell Bar Goods. 
2- Federal Glass Amoeba Boomerang wine glasses are always the most fun and classic of the mid century bar patterns! 
3- A set of four atomic, space-age looking glasses are a definite must have for an outstanding Mad Men themed look.
4- This a set of two orange glasses with a very unique design that I'm quite drawn to.
5- I love a good set of gold frosted glasses with their original carrier. 
6- The Pillow Talk Set (also not vintage) from Bombshell Bar Goods is the perfect gift for newlyweds. I'm digging the amazing retro font!
7- These spectacular pink, black and gold Hazel Atlas glasses are tough to find, but oh my, look at that fabulous pattern!
8- I'm all for a good tantalus. Especially one as decorative as this. Great fonts displaying each liquor name is a bonus too!
9- This set of travel flasks makes me so happy. Complete with it's own perfect carrying case, it feels like this mini collection should be on the set of a Wes Anderson film. 

There are so many styles out there. Even modern day companies are trying to compete for your attention by bringing out vintage inspired collections, a lot of which are oh so adorable. I always tend to lean towards vintage, because I know they're well made and the history side of it always gets me. However, I'm not above buying something new if it's worth it! 

So let's get this bar cart filled!

Marissa xo

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