May 18, 2014

New Collections for Spring/Summer 2014

I don't always discuss my cosmetician roots and current real life job, but I know I should. I have a lot of information to give and knowledge to share. I am so lucky to be able to easily get my hands on the latest beauty products and be well informed. Easy access to tricks, trends and new releases are what keep my in the loop and at the top of my game. I have been fortunate to work along side so many beautiful and talented women in my career, and of course lucky to work with such groundbreaking products. The beauty industry never ceases to amaze me. These brands (well most of them) are working harder than ever to keep up with their customers and give them exactly what they want.

With that being said, I am going to introduce you to some of my favourite new and limited edition products right now. I have no loyalty to one brand or another. I am not promoting these for any other reason than I trust in their claims and believe that they work. But remember, beauty is like anything in life, everyone has their own likes, dislikes and opinions.
ONE - One product I'm super excited about is the Limited Edition Gel Liner from Lise Watier. It's part of the Eden Tropical Collection and will only be available until June or until supplies last!
This liner is in a pot form with a screw off lid and glass jar. The packaging itself is very nice and has some weight to it. The product though, is out of this world. It has a great, creamy consistency. It's glossy, smooth and easy to apply. Once dried it acquires a strong matte finish and is resistant to smudging, rubbing or removal, which is lovely for us gals who like waterproof makeup exclusively. The winged or cat eye effect is the perfect matchup for this new eyeliner.

TWO - Clarins recently launched a beautiful new summer product that I know will become really popular in the coming months leading through summer. It's their new Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. If you've ever tried any of the Clarins Self Tanners or Sun Care products, you'll know Clarins knows how to make your skin glow with a natural finish, and of course, with the health of your skin in mind. This French skincare uses top of the line, nature based ingredients to help your skin radiate. This product is a concentrate. The way it's used is you put two to three drops into your daily moisturizer or lotion and mix well. Apply to your skin and voila! You'll get a nice enhanced bronze look. Subtle and gentle. No harsh looks here. 

THREE -  This is also a Clarins product! It's called Splendours Shimmer Body Oil. Now Clarins tends to have a limited edition shimmering body oil available most years and for good reason. It's very popular. Not only does it give you a very sheer glow, the oil is extremely hydrating on your skin, and it smells amazing too! For what this product is, the bottle is huge. You'll definitely have it for a long time. Whether you apply it all over, or maybe just on your legs, your chest or just on your cheeks, this product is worth every penny. Just to clarify though, this is not a self tanner. It does not make you progressively darker. It's only a shimmer product for a temporary glow.

FOUR - Some people like a bronze shimmer (like above) and some like pearl. Personally, I like pearl! The Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cool Radiance Highlighter is from the new Summer Escape Collection. Oh man, the first time I tested out this illuminating stick I fell in love. If you like shimmery, dewy looks, this highlighter is going to be your best friend. This is a real departure for Elizabeth Arden. I love that this new collection holds something for everyone. Some daring items for young women and classic key products for more mature women. The direction Elizabeth Arden is going in is fabulous and I can't wait to see what else they can come up with. This stick is also limited edition and if I had to guess, based on past collections, it probably won't be coming back once it's gone. How sad!

 FIVE - The Lise Watier Cream Blush (or Blush Creme Satin) in Rose Eden for the Eden Tropical collection is heavenly. It comes in a fabulous pot with a screw off lid, much like the eyeliner, but larger. I have never seen such a smooth and gentle application. This blush leaves your skin looking fresh, clean and naturally delicate. The colour payoff is amazing. You just need the finest amount and because the jar is on the larger size, you'll be using it for a long, long time. Right now she is limited edition (hopefully to come back in the future as regular stock though), so pick it up while you still can!

Well I hope you liked this little wrap-up of beautiful items currently on your drug store/ beauty store shelves. 
Have a great day everyone!

Marissa xo

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  1. I love seeing beauty related posts. That being said I recently went on a drugstore raid and bought a few new lip products that sadly aren't working for me:( The items you featured look really nice I use gel liner everyday and am trying to get used to a cream blushes as well. Would love to see more posts like these!