June 22, 2013

Charming Trends - Matching Up 50s Dresses with CS Necklaces

Hi everyone! It's Saturday and I hope you're out at the beach, having a picnic or out having ice cream with your best buds! I'm inside today preparing for future farmers markets. Boy, is there a lot to do. I'll make sure I at least get out for a walk around the neighborhood. The trees are lovely and filled with blossoms. My lilacs are finally in full bloom, and since that's my favourite scent in the whole entire world, I'm pretty happy right now. I can't bare to miss out on that, being stuck inside. This time of year is perfect. I have a little something for you today. It's the sweetest match-up I ever did see. I found the prettiest 50s silhouette dresses on Etsy and I wanted to share them with you. To make things even more special, I paired them with the CharmingShop necklace I would style with each one. Take a look for yourself! It's a pretty magical pairing. Here you go - Charming Trends for 50s lovers!

Which pairing is your favourite?

Marissa xo

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