August 15, 2014

What's Old is New

I have recently noticed vintage has taken up a lot of my life, I think mainly because when we started redoing our basement, I had to bring up all my collections and shop items into the living room. Its kind of terrifying to see it all in one place. Yikes. 

So while I've been sitting here, working on stuff amongst the towers of boxes and loose items, (Yes, the living room is currently the only place I can work as well...) I have found myself getting more flexible in what I want to put into the shop. Here are some favourites that went up this week. I have no doubts about finding any of these things new homes, because if I could, I would keep 'em in a heartbeat!  
 These two kitties are cuter than cute! I found them completely speckled black with caked on dirt. They've endured a couple of washes and are now scouting for a new place to live. Every time I look at them I have second thoughts. Should I keep them?

 This was one of my more exciting finds this year. Mainly because suitcases such as these ones are part of my most treasured childhood memories. We used to have a bunch with paisley prints to hold our toys. They carried our vintage Barbie clothes. The ones my grandmas had made for my Mom and Aunt when they were young from the most retro prints you could ever see, and the ones that came along with those vintage Barbies kept in a separate case. All my Barbies ever wore was vintage. Even at that age I was entranced in another time.

The reason why I love these suitcases specifically is that they're pretty plain. I'm sure that sounds weird, but because of they're simple colour palette, they can easily be unisex for little girls or boys! Or if you're just in need of a cute little set for light travelling, like camping, you might consider this set for yourself. That was my initial thought upon finding them.
 This was a difficult decision, but I don't feel too much attachment to them. Please, someone buy them before I grow to love them! This set of two light green fibreglass shades is pure magic. I already own two different starburst shaded lamps myself. One table lamp and one floor lamp. Upon discovering these, I had instantly claimed them as mine, but reconsidered quickly. I have too many, so I'm letting some other lamp-lovers out there have a chance to own something cool and unusual. 
I thought these sweet girls would be our bedside table lamps forever, but I have recently replaced them. Making excuses to fit them into other areas of our home is just not working! It is highly unusual to find pink lamps of this age, especially with oval-shaped shades and as a pair. They're in excellent (almost like new) condition, but I think mostly because I purchased them from the original owners. I know someone out there will scoop them up and put them on display proudly in their home, just like I did before a couple turquoise two-tiered lamps stole the show and took their place. 

I'm trying to practice a bit more willpower. I actually have amazing willpower already when it comes to "things" and donating and giving items away. Plus my family hosts at least one garage sale every year! I have grown up with them as a tradition and actually look forward to the "junk" cleanse. In recent months I've been hanging onto way too much though. I've been pretty relaxed about my personal rules, and my FiancĂ© doesn't help. He's probably a bigger collector of random things than I am! Not specifically vintage, but he has a real appreciation for 50s and 60s styles. Especially fonts and cool era-specific designs. It's easy to ignore if you leave it for storage in the basement you don't use. Now that our basement is almost usable I guess I have to face facts and start purging some things. I think I'm okay with that now.

Have a great Friday!

Marissa xo


  1. I had a "I'm going to grandmas" suitcase as a kid that I loved. Maybe all kids like to have their own tiny bag to fit their things in? I oddly look forward to purging as well right now I am pretty bare and have been giving things away in little chunks rather than big ones. Loving that you are posting more:)

    1. Oh I think so too. I also used to have an incredible 1950s Barbie carrying case that I would use as a play suitcase for my own things, and pretend I was going away on a trip. Haha! Unfortunately I loved it a little too much and it's in pieces now. I still have it somewhere though.

      And thank you, Daphne! That's such a nice thing to hear. I really felt disappointed that I hadn't gotten around to posting these last few months, but I plan on catching up.

      I also wanted to let you know I'll be having our garage sale very soon too! I've decided to do a personal pop-up of the vintage shop in the garage as well on the same day! There's this cute delphite vase I was initially going to hang onto, but then decided I was ready to let it go. I haven't put it up in the shop, because I was waiting to stick it in the popup/garage sale! If you're interested, let me know and I'll keep it aside;)