June 20, 2013

I Love... Retro Mid Century Planters!

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well on this fine day! Today I'd like to talk about planters. Yes, of course vintage planters! They were once so lovely, they didn't even need plants inside to treasure their atomic, architectural designs. These are a few I found that I would just love to find at a garage sale or in my favourite antique store to take home for my very own. Which one is your favourite?
This pastel pink beauty is so wonderful. I can't get over those swooping scallops. This is one I'd love to own for sure! Found here.
I have one very similar to this, but it's neither vintage nor pink. I think that I could make room for this long, narrow planter... Think of the things you could put in here! Not just plants, but anything really! I can see some lemons looking really cool hanging out in there. Found here.
The uneven, odd shape of this planter is what makes it so appealing. I love quirkiness and that's what this one is all about! It's pastel lime colour is pretty great too, don't you think?
Found here.
How great is the pattern on this baby?! So typical of the 50s and 60s - the time period I'm so fond of. Mid Century all the way! Amazing, right? I'm in love with this cutie. Found here.
The design and shape on this amazing green planter are very "atomic era." Imagine how fantastic it would look with a sweet little plant inside! Found here.
Okay, this one is definitely on my list of needs and wants. There is no better planter than the glorious bullet planter. Any shade. If I were to discover this beauty somewhere, it would have to be mine. No questions asked. Found here.
This one is wrapped up in candy-coloured goodness. I'm pretty obsessed with all the buttery pastel colours the 50s and 60s has to offer. I'm totally okay with baby soft colours of the atomic age, and adding this planter to my collection would make any retro-lover proud. 

Did you see any you would love to own? Do you own any of these already or something similar?
I'm pretty in love with the quality and detail in items from eras of the past, and these planters do not fall short or disappoint. I'll be dreaming of putting plants into adorable retro planters all day, won't you?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I'm off to work on my atomic era art collection! I hope you've checked out my post on those darling drawings from a couple days ago, or have visited my Instagram for further updates. I'm thinking you'll really love this new collection. If you adore the 50s and 60s as much as me, you'll be in heaven.

See ya later, my dears!

Marissa xo

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