July 02, 2014


Okay, so things have been kind of crazy over here lately. It seems like I can never find the right time to update the shop, but in the last few days I have put up a some new things. These ones are my favourite batch yet. I think because they are so, so retro. You just can't go wrong with a good 60s or 70s print. No way. 

So here's some I had a very hard time giving up. (Is it bad to try to keep clothes that are not your size just based on prints? Or kitchen things you know you'll never use and don't even go with your colour schemes? Oh dear...)
These mugs make me the happiest. They're just too pretty. You really can't beat that pattern.
I discovered this apron at an estate sale. Handmade by the original owner! So sweet and simple!
In May, I found two pairs of oversized sunglasses. One for me, one for the shop. The lady who owned them had fabulous taste. These ones are the neatest pale green colour, and the ombre lenses are kind of spectacular.
I can not fully express how hard it was for me to list this one. I've never seen one of these vintage bodysuit tops in real life... and now I have. It was a lovely treasure to have come across.

Go check out the shop for some more cool things!

Marissa xo