May 05, 2014

CharmingShop on Television

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 
I hope Spring is treating you nicely! We got back from our Chicago trip less than a week ago now. We had an incredible amount of fun (and of course I'll blog some pictures and quick stories soon!) Even though there were many points at which I wished we could stay there forever, I missed home. Just like the typical homebody that I am, I missed my little cat and sleeping in my own bed! 24 years old and homesick in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities.
Another reason I couldn't wait to get back here into the swing of things, is that while I was away, my handmade confetti was featured on Steven and Chris. That's two TV shows in the last couple of months! I was contacted to be a part of a grouping of Canadian Etsy sellers who specialize or cater to handmade-loving brides with party favours, wedding decor, or bridal party gifts. I was so honoured to get any kind of air time for my newly blossoming business. My confetti even being in the same vicinity of other Etsy sellers products I have long admired and hoped to one day make a part of my own special day, was so special.
I was in the States and couldn't access the Canadian network, so the suspense was killing me. Maybe you even caught it before I did! ( We had a little video clip of it sent to us a couple days later.) If you didn't see the segment (or both), I thought I would post the links up here for anyone interested.

Like I said before, I am just a teeny one-woman show trying to do it all. I am so proud of everything I've accomplished so far, especially when a lot of times I feel very held down by time constraints. I think maybe everyone feels that way. Being noticed is a scary, but great thing. I am so thankful for these opportunities and I'm ready for new experiences that might come my way next. 

Have a great day everyone! 

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