October 29, 2013

Oh, October - Shop & Life News

My goodness it's been an interesting month. I haven't been posting too many things on my blog, or even updated my shops as much as I had hoped to. October has come and gone so fast, and I'm sad to share I spent most of it sick in bed, but what can you do? It's no secret I've had some crazy health problems this year, but after adding even more to my plate by starting a part time job (Yep, that's right!) I think I've kind of disrupted the balance I had going for so long. Anyway a couple days a week I now lend my cosmetic talents over to the people of Winnipeg, and spend the rest of the week working on my shops. Being able to do EVERYTHING I love to do is very satisfying, but finding the right mix can be challenging - especially being a homeowner too. 

I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know where CharmingShop stands. Maybe you've noticed it's been quiet for a while, but I promise I'm still here working away! I recently started streaming CharmingShopLove. I am discontinuing my beloved framed Balloon Girl art pieces, and they will now only be available by request. For the holidays, you can expect a brand new selection of earrings and bracelets coming your way, sparkly enough for any party! As for CharmingShopVintage, I will still be adding to the shop weekly. I haven't for the past two weeks, but I can assure you I have some cute items ready to post any day now. 

Man, it sucks running a business when you're under the weather. But you've gotta do what you love, no matter what! 

Remember, if you're in the mood for some CharmingShop goodies this Fall, make sure you head on over to both shops before November 1st to get 20% off with the code HALLOWEEN20. There's only a few days left now!

Thanks everyone. Have a great night! I hope you're working on putting together your Halloween costumes!

Marissa xo

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