March 08, 2013

DIY Muffin Tin Uses/Ideas

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

Today I'm bringing you another project idea. Everyone has muffin tins at home. You make cupcakes and muffins. You bake in them. You cook in them, but other than that they just lay dormant waiting for you to use them once again. How can you bring them out more often and be creative doing it? I will show you! People will be in awe of your creativeness and how you make something do a completely different task than what it was intended for!

Let's get started!

#1 Tea Light Holder - Pop in a couple tea lights for some romantic, soft mood lighting!

#2 Candle Centrepiece - Be more dramatic and add larger candles of different heights. To make it more interesting put down some little accents like pinecones, acorns, herbs or berries. Just makes sure you keep it in a safe place where nothing will catch on fire.

#3 Candy - Place different types of candies in each compartment for a child's party. Or an adult one's judging here!

#4 Herb Garden - Starting some plants or herbs inside. You can plant them in here for easy growing and repot them outside later. Or leave herbs in here for a cute organized mini garden. Use some popsicle sticks to label what's what.

#5 Gift Holder - Leave out on a party table for your guests to take. Wrap a little thank you present up and let them admire how sweet and organized the setup looks! You can even put a sticker name tag next to each space to mark which one each guest should take. That makes it more personal. This is great for a birthday party, shower; anything you want to do!

#6 Drink Tray - If you have a pretty large muffin tin or small glasses, you can do this! Use it as a drink tray. If you never use this tray for cooking or baking you can spray paint it a cute colour and just designate this one as your display tin.

#7 Business Supply Holder - Put it on your desk and organize your staples, stamps, paperclips, etc.

#8 Store your Baking Supplies - Ever notice how your cupcake sleeves and wrappers always get crinkled and somehow escape from where ever you put them? Rest them inside a muffin tin! You can even put another muffin tin on top of that so they stay in place. And when you're ready to bake, everything's in the same place!

#9 Date Night Set Up - Having a date night? A double date night? Or a little wine and cheese party?
Keep all your extra add-ons in a muffin tin. Grapes, berries, almonds, pickles, figs or whatever you want.

#10 Floating Flower Centrepiece - Add a little water and a flower in each, and you have a simple centrepiece!

#11 Hanging Organizer - Okay here's where it gets a little more complicated. In this step, you HAVE to be sure you never want to use this tin again. Drill a hole at the top corners of the tin and thread your choice of ribbon. In the middle of the muffin tin holes, put down one side of a magnetic. (You can get them cheap in a sticker form. Just peel and stick. So easy!) Get little round metal containers and put the other magnet half on the back of that. Now you have a little hanging spice rack. You can also put teas or sprinkles in there! Your choice! Whatever needs organizing in your home. Maybe it has nothing to do with food. Maybe it's your hair accessories in your bedroom.

#12 Kitschy Shelf - AGAIN, be sure you never want to bake in this muffin tin again. Drill a hole at the top corners of the tin and thread through some ribbon. Whatever suits your style. Then you need a couple thin pieces of wood or metal and add brackets or supports. Basically, just create mini shelves for little, light trinkets. Now this would be a little tricky to make. It's meant to be sort of a shabby-chic idea. I suggest getting help from someone who knows their way around power tools! Know any handy guys or gals?

Nobody ever went wrong just making some cupcakes!!

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. I wish my little sketches were a little better, but you get the idea, right? See you tomorrow.


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