May 12, 2014

Chicago Part One

I really wanted to put together a grouping of some of our most memorable Chicago experiences and favourite photos from the trip (all taken with my iPhone! Whoa.) I have so many I wanted to share, so squeezing them in here was tough. I decided to send them out into the internet world in two parts. You're looking at part one, my dears.
The first night we got to Chicago, after dropping all our stuff off at the hotel, we took a nice walk down to the Navy Pier at sunset. It was the perfect way to start off our vacation. It was Easter Sunday and everything seemed to relaxed and wonderful. I couldn't believe how turquoise-blue the water was there, and especially how warm it was!
The second day I was so sick, but it didn't stop me at all. We were determined to be seriously 
tourist-y and get to all our planned stops. Millennium Park was on the way to the Aquarium and Museum so we had a little rest at this incredible fountain along Magnificent Mile. An hour later we had made it to the Shedd Aquarium. We spent close to 4 hours there, but I could've easily stayed longer. There were so many interesting sea creatures to see! We don't have an aquarium here in Winnipeg, so soaking up as much as I could was a must. The Field Museum was even better than I expected. Right next door to the Aquarium, we spent another 4 hours going through all of the quiet museum collections and exhibits. I was especially taken with the African exhibit. I've never seen one before! 
Some more Field Museum photos. We were so in love with the use of these very old wooden museum displays. You can really feel history in this place, and not just with the subjects themselves. That's probably what I like most about Chicago.
I would have to say the Driehaus Museum was my favourite stop of the whole trip, and we were even debating on whether to go or not! I would recommend it to anyone considering Chicago as their next destination. The Driehaus Museum is a wealthy socialite home turned museum, which had been restored, honouring it's original look and property. You can find the most amazing and extensive Tiffany Glass collection you've ever seen here. For someone who has never seen a piece of Tiffany Glass up close in person, I was completely blown away. The history was so well recorded and too breathtaking to fully describe. I really felt at one with this place. 
Here's the last grouping until Part Two! The one place we skipped over in Millenium Park was the Bean! We decided to go back in our best tourist fashion and get some photos of it. We couldn't go to Chicago and not go see it! I was really surprised at how grand it is in person. It was snowing here in Winnipeg at the time, but we were basking in the nicest weather with flowers blooming on the trees. 360 Chicago was a great thing to go see. 94 floors up, you get a great view of the city, and we even spotted our hotel and some of the places we had already been on the trip. It's kind of crazy this is only  the first few days into the trip. We really packed in the fun.

Well I hope you liked Part One. I'll be holding off on Part Two for a couple days, to give myself and everyone reading a breather. I know looking at vacation photos can be boring sometimes, but I hope these aren't too bad! 

Have a great rest of your day lovely people!

Marissa xo

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  1. Lovely post and fantastic photos. I went to Chicago when I was 22 but I was was too scared to venture to far from downtown and the pier. I only did mainstream things and didn't see any vintage. It is a lovely city can't wait to see part 2.