April 16, 2013

Behind the Scenes

I think the best part about photo shoots is that the photographer always gets snap-happy (I can vouch for this...) and keeps going even when the shoot is done or paused for a mini break. The in-between, behind the scenes pictures are always my favourite. I am a huge sucker for action shots or imperfect photos. I love true emotion and true to life pictures. Life is in motion! Pictures should be this way too, don't you think? These were taken in between my photo shoot for my shop, CharmingShop, while putting on new jewellery/fixing stray hairs/fixing my makeup breaks.
This is part one only. I have some beautiful and hilarious pictures of my sister modelling for me, and yes, I was behind the camera that time! They make me laugh every time and even though I couldn't use them in my shop, they're worth hanging onto because they're so typical of my sister and her personality. Sometimes you just want to hang onto those moments.

Wait until you see the awesome art pieces I'm working on right now! 
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I like to take sneak peek photos of my work and I usually post there, before I get around to posting them on here.
There are bright spring colours and scallops galore!!

 See you back here tomorrow!

Marissa xo

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