April 18, 2014

April Vintage Shop Update

Hello again!

Today was my 24th birthday, tomorrow we'll be crazy busy getting things packed and in order, and...the next day we leave for Chicago! It feels like I've been planning for this for months, but somehow it arrived a little too fast and I'm running around trying to finish things. Isn't that always the way? Haha. Well anyway, before I left I wanted to make sure I did a little post about some of my newly listed favs in CharmingShopVintage. I hope you think they're as cool as I do!
This poodle is out-of-control wonderful! When I found him I had a sudden moment of disbelief followed by disappointment that I knew I couldn't keep him myself! He has some condition issues, but even with his old-age flaws, he's as perfect as can be.
This little Estate sale find is so gorgeous. I wanted to take breathtaking photos of her for the listing. One reason was to show everyone how truly lovely she is. The other reason is that somehow I have formed some unspoken bond with her over the months she's been in my possession. I wanted to have nice photos to remember her by and possible frame up in my house. Even when she does go to a new home, I can keep a picture of her. Oh, the downsides of selling vintage!
I wish I fit this dress. It's so adorable and it reminds me of the dresses my Grandma used to wear. I always wished I could have had her wardrobe. She had the most amazing collection of striped, polka dotted and pastel dresses. This little number would've fit right in. This dress fits a petite, small to small/medium frame - like me, but I don't have the shoulders to pull this one off. Someone out there will look spectacular in it.
It took a lot of thought, but I decided to sell this Pyrex dish. I got it a few years back when we had our apartment. One of my other Grandma's friends was downsizing their home and gave me two big boxes of old kitchen things. I got a lot of casserole dishes, which were much needed at that point in time. We didn't have a lot of stuff back then. This Pyrex casserole dish was among them. These days I have so many kitchen things, so I decided someone else should get some use out of it.
I have recently listed a few Avon containers collected at a variety of Estate Sales and garage sales. There are even more to come. Some of them are really quite beautiful!

Alright that's all I'll show. I know I promised a bathroom renovation blog post this week, but somehow I ran out of time. That'll be held back until we get home, but no longer! Also in case you're wondering, I'm also leaving my shops active so purchases can go through while I'm away. Please message me with any questions or comments, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will be checking on both shops often.

Thanks for stopping by for a read. Bye for now! I'll write when I get home from the trip!

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Marissa xo

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  1. The photo you took of the bride figurine is beautiful. I would love to be able to take some really nice pictures of my vintage finds to frame such a lovely idea! Have a great trip:)