January 28, 2014

New Vintage!

Why hello there fellow bloggers and readers! 
I'm here today to show off some new items over at CharmingShopVintage.
This bun warmer is one of those things that isn't totally relevant today, but is so nostalgic for me. It always brings me back to the fancy dinner parties my Grandparents used to throw when us kids were very young. So if you're planning on hosting a retro party, this is the perfect serving tool for you! And take a look at that retro paisley print too by the way. Just incredible.
Winter is absolutely driving me crazy this year. It's so cold here, that all I want to do is stay inside wrapped in a blanket and eat warm food all day. Am I the only one? This fondue pot seemed like a perfect idea right from the start. Fondue anyone? Chocolate or cheese?
I recently said goodbye to my Midge doll, and the very next day I stumbled upon another! How cool is that?! This pretty lady has a couple condition issues, but she sure is gorgeous!
I got a little (okay, a lot) excited when I came across this find. I already have a large collection of this same English set in my shop, but to find the teapot as well was just perfect! These can be purchased separately or as a set by the way. I'm always open to offers!
I've had this awesome dispenser for two years and had every intention of hanging it in my own kitchen. I've decided to let it go, but only because I found another one. My boyfriend says we need to keep the other one, because "the font is bigger and cooler." His words exactly. I love them both, but what can you do when you have two and have to make tough decisions? I had to choose one. I can't have it all!

Okay I won't spoil it by showing you all the new things here on the blog! Just click here to be directed straight to the shop. I plan on adding a bunch more this weekend as well. This group of new items was supposed to be larger, but we had some technical mishaps. Everything's essentially ready to go apart from the photography. I hope you find some things you like!

Have a good night, Dears!

Marissa xo

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