June 03, 2013

DIY Cleaning Supplies - Keep It Cute!

Happy Monday! The beginning of the week always says, "back to work" for me. Back to business plans and working on my next project, but not only that; back to housework too. The beginning of the week is when I personally get the most inspiration to buckle down and clean. I noticed cleaning supplies can be so boring and everyone has the same ones. It's just routine. You take them out, clean and then put them right back in their hiding place. I guess that's all their good for in reality - just doing their specialized job. No love for cleaning supplies. But with an obsession for cuteness like mine, I couldn't let that be. 
All you need is a pair of craft scissors that are fairly sharp. It can be tough to cut through those scouring pads. I loved the idea of cutting them into darling mini hearts that could sit up near my sink looking romantic and proud, but I cut a few other shapes (circles and squares) just for some variety. You also have to take into account their functionality. They have to be big enough to do some tough scrubbing, so don't cut them too small! If you're wondering about the sizing my biggest square at the top there is about 10cm by 10cm. I'm very happy with how charming these little guys are, and I think I will keep on doing this forever! They have also inspired me to think of some other cleaning supply cuteness I will explore in the future. 

What do you think? Would you try this DIY out?

I bought a huge amount of flowers yesterday, so I'm going outside on this perfect, sunny day to get planting! Hope you all have a lovely day, and that it's bright and beautiful where you live too! 
Bye for now!

Marissa xo

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