January 30, 2014

Chinese New Year Nail Art Ideas

Did you know tomorrow is Chinese New Year? It's the Year of the Horse! Every year I like to paint my nails red and gold to celebrate. Here are some fun ways you can paint your nails for the New Year too!
Love the use of glitter in this nail art! Found here.
The top two nails with the geometric pattern are decorated just with nail decal stickers! Mix and match your nails for an even more creative look. Found here.
   If you can't do all these crazy designs and patterns, don't worry about it! Sometimes simpler versions are just as nice! I decided long ago that crackle nail polishes are best used for Chinese New Year. It never gets old. Source Unknown.
These watercolour fish decals are so beautiful! Found here.
These designs would take a very steady hand, but look at how awesome they turn out in the end!  You could even use false nails and paint them before you put them on, if you had to! No shame in that!
Source Unknown.

I know I got some ideas on how I'll be painting mine this year. I usually just stick to a more plain red and gold, but maybe I'll put more detail into it this time!

Well I'm off to make some yummy soup and banana bread. Today is a cooking day.
See ya later!

Marissa xo

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