January 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home

The first time we stepped into our house, It felt so different from what I felt with the other houses we had looked at and/or bid on. I guess you could say it was true love. Maybe that's really cheesy, (Okay, it is cheesy.) but I got butterflies and I knew it was the one.

 I remember walking in and seeing our kitchen nook first thing, and feeling like I didn't even need to see any more. That won me over instantly. The more I saw, the more I wanted to live here. Every detail was extraordinary, and honestly that's very tough to find these days. Everyone wants to "update" or do renovations to their homes. This home was in tact and ready for me to restore. (And of course fill with antiques.)

Here are just some of the crazy details of my house that I would never change. As long as I'm living here, these original details will stay!
Here's my sweet little built-in table that I couldn't part with. 

Having this fancy valance above my kitchen window is pretty cool. If you're wondering what the circle is, it's a cut-out for an outlet! I have a red General Electric clock to put up there, but when you have a fear of heights you procrastinate with these things...
These gingham and floral patterned contact papers were inside some of my kitchen cabinet drawers. They're dirty and old, but I love finding surprises like this!
This is a photo of our art room. There are a couple things I love in here. The built-in wall storage and the original hardware. We have these knobs all over the house. 

The wackiest area has to be our side door and going down into the basement. This is an area we haven't touched and only use for storage. On the left you can see my steps have this weird side ledge with built-in tin planters. At least that's what I've decided they are. Upon closer inspection they are actual baking tins, which have been placed inside there. It's a crazy DIY of the past! On the right you can see my super weird, milk/letter door. It's kind of the best.
I truly have the weirdest blinds. They're on the outside of the house, and there's a crank inside to open and close them! I lifted it up for you to see, but it actually lays flat against the window frame. Our kitchen window is exactly the same, except it's moved with a string pulley system. We have a wall divider beside our front door. Lots of people have these and lots of people knock theirs down. I love mine and it's great for extra storage or shelving. 
Our door is so incredible to me. I really enjoy the natural light that comes through it. 
As soon as the weather warms up we'll paint it a nice bright red colour.

What I've learned as a homeowner is to be patient. You can never really be prepared. You think you know what you're in for, but you find out very soon that you're wrong. You just have to learn to laugh at all the things that don't work out. My house is hilarious. It's quirky, demanding and likes to break here, there and everywhere. The things I clean or fix don't stay that way for long. But all in all, living here is a dream. I never thought I'd have a house this young, but I do. I love this little Mid Century "dollhouse" and I really didn't think I'd find such an ultimate vintage item to own. 

Does your home have any cool features or details that make you fall in love over and over?
I want to know!

Have a great day!

Marissa xo

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