October 06, 2013

CharmingShop Updates - Fall Sale and New Items Added

Well it's the end of the weekend, but I have some news that'll keep you excited this week! Both my Etsy shops, CharmingShopLove and CharmingShopVintage are in sale mode! For the entire month of October you can get 20% off your orders by using the coupon code HALLOWEEN20 at the checkout. Because the sales are the same in both shops, I will offer custom listings for anyone who wants something from both shops. Hey, if I can save you on shipping by combining your item orders, I totally will! The less you have to pay, the better! Just let me know what you want and I'll get that up for you asap. I really just wanted to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Vintage Shop and the fact that it's Fall. Halloween is my absolute favourite, so having this sale around this special yearly tradition is pretty much meant to be. I want to spread that happiness around.  
 Did you know I added some new items to the shop as well. Like I said before, every week will bring a new batch of goodies to the shop. I honestly feel like it might go on forever at this point. You don't even want to see the state of my house at this point. I have an antique store in my basement! Take a look at these five pieces. They're new to the shop and I have a feeling they won't last long in the shop. Get 'em while you can! (Pictured above is a candy pink, retro Autograph Book with a zipper closure. Check out those graphics! I hate finding treasures like these, because I could truly keep them all.)
 These 80s designer lucite shoes are pretty special and in amazing condition. Jewel-encrusted peep toe slingback wedges? Yes please!
 This pair makes me so happy, I could just hug them! I imagine them sitting in a kitchen full of pastel appliances and pink decor. I know they're going to make a girly vintage-lover happy someday!
Everyone loves Jadeite and Delphite! This Delphite Pyrex Fridgie will add a cool new colour to your ever-growing pyrex collection.
Yes, I'm putting one of my prized possessions up for sale. Goodbye, my lovely terrarium. These guys are high in demand, so get it while you still can! I love how it transforms any room, and takes you back to a time of funky, space age home decor. I would keep this one if I hadn't found a second. Even then I was debating whether or not to keep both. Why, oh why is it always so hard to part with these things? The one I kept is larger, but this one has much better quality plastic and is sturdier. It was a tough choice, but I'm sure it'll go to a good home one day soon.
To see the rest of the items, all you have to do is go to my shop CharmingShopVintage on Etsy. Soon I will put up a link button on the blog sidebar so I wont have to keep listing it. Hopefully you'll see something you like in one or both my shops and can take advantage of the Fall Sale while everything's quite a bit cheaper. Remember, it ends November 1st, so don't wait
too long. This week I will be posting some long overdue recipes and diy tutorials and ideas. Make sure you check back! I have some good ones for you!
Marissa xo

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