December 16, 2013

Custom Atomic Era Confetti

Recently, my very sweet customer received her custom confetti order and started mailing them out to her friends and family. I said that I would show the finished details when she received them, so that it would be a surprise to her and her loved ones. Social media is awesome for connecting, but so many surprises get ruined these days, don't you think? I tried my best to keep things under wraps.
But now that the wait is over, you get to see the finished confetti!
 I started with hand punched confetti dots like usual and then added my handcut shapes. 
Every piece is carefully cut out of colourful paper. Some are solid colours, some textured and some with beautiful designs like wallpaper.
 Next I divide the confetti in equal parts into their sachets, and add the requested glitter of choice. Here we decided to use a very irredescent silver glitter. It sparkles in so many colour ways! Glitter makes everything better!
Packaging is so important, and I hand-cut and customize each one with care!
She enjoys warmer colours, so I chose soft yellows, pinks, corals and oranges for the packaging background.
 After a little brainstorming, we came up with some cute little sayings to put on the packaging.
Now, I was in a huge excited rush to get these out to her, I forgot to take my own pictures. Clearly the anticipation of finding out what she thought of her housewarming confetti was number one on my mind! But the darling Jill let me use her photo, and I'm so thankful. The Mid Century home in the background of the "Home Sweet Home" font is actually an outline of their new home! We wanted to find a way to work that in somehow. 

In all I'm really happy how these turned out, and I'm so pleased they went over so well with her friends and family. I was thrilled to be a part of the process. It was such a clever idea to celebrate buying a home with confetti for friends and family. It just goes to show you confetti is alive and well, and can be used for so many different things!

So for all you confetti lovers out there, CharmingShop is open and ready for any and all custom confetti orders. I do love a challenge!

Marissa xo

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