December 09, 2013

New Clothing at CharmingShopVintage

Here's a quick update from CharmingShopVintage.
The shop got some new, fresh faces...

See anything you like?
I know I do!

It was harder than ever to give up some of these pieces. But you can't keep everything, right? Head on over to the shop to view these vintage clothes in the photos plus more! 

I've extended our holiday coupon to make sure everyone gets a chance to look over the new items and has the opportunity to use the holiday discount. The listing date for these beauties got pushed back a bit, so I wanted to keep that coupon code going until December 15th. How do you get your coupon? Type in the code "HOLIDAY20" at checkout to get your discount, dolls!

Lots of love,



  1. You will never believe it but the second floral dress was a find of mine as well, I loved the peplum detail I just didn't think I would ever get around to sewing it in. I am tiny in size the red dress fits me perfectly I just don't wear dresses that much so I let them go. I like to donate vintage back to the thrift stores from time to time. So great that you found them. The cardigan is so lovely wish it was my size!

    1. That's so neat! Clearly we both have a good eye for vintage fashion;) The red dress fits me like a glove too and I had to resist keeping it! The floral dress is so gorgeous. Someone will give it a good home!