December 16, 2013

New Vintage Coming Soon

Here are some of the new things that will be hitting the shop just before Christmas. Just a heads up, we will be having a pretty nifty Boxing Day Sale, so I'm getting some new things ready and lowering some prices... You're the first to know!
I'm aiming for 20 new listings. There will be clothing, accessories, kitchen items, wall hangings... you name it. I'm in love with this new vintage-selling gig of mine. I'm so happy that all of you have taken an interest in my collecting and curating. And so thankful to those of you who have purchased from the shop. You've made these first months so incredible! I plan on continuing on for quite some time. 2014 will be packed with more vintage goodness. Let's face it, nothing can stop me from frequenting garage sales and thrift stores at this point in my life. It's clearly an addiction.

Lots of love and luck on your own vintage adventures,

Marissa xo

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