November 27, 2013

DIY - Crafty Holiday Cone Tree Tutorial with Ribbon and Sequins

After moving into our current home, I knew I wanted to start our own Holiday traditions here. Ones we can keep following up on when we start a family. Growing up we had a lot of holiday traditions. One being getting our Grandparent's tree up reeeaally early in November every year, so they could have their fancy holiday party with all their friends. Even making gingerbread cookies with my mom.
 Mostly I was designated to pressing M&Ms onto their stomachs for buttons. (Back then I wasn't so steady with the icing or that great at baking at all for that matter...)
I have nothing but warm and fond memories of Christmas as a child, and making sure my own family feels that way is very important to me. After lots of moving around and downsizing happening over the years in my family, I have received essentially all of my christmas decorations from my Grandma and Mom. They're a symbol of the past and I love the idea of carrying them on into the future here at my house.
Even though I really covet my extremely old Christmas items that hold a lot of value in my heart, I'm really big on crafting up my own decorations. Probably my favourite holiday things are the ones that were handmade by my family members. (I always tried to figure out how they were made and wished I could do something that amazing!) Now I feel that it is my job to get cracking on some crafty things to fill our space, and inspire the new and future generation of little ones in our life. My tradition? Making at least one new holiday tree every year!

This is what you need:

* sequins (two different colours and sizes.)
* small beads/seed beads
* sewing pins
* sewing ribbon/fabric edging
* scissors
* styrofoam cone tree

Let's get going on this super cute mod-looking tree!
This project requires a bit of coordination (and both hands), but it's very easy.

 STEP 1 Start from the very top, so if you get to the bottom and theres space left, you can slice it off with a knife without compromising your tree. place your ribbon edge down and secure with 1 to 2 pins. Push them right into the styrofoam.

STEP 2 as you wrap your ribbon around the cone, push pins into the cone with your desired sequin pattern. This creates sparkly ornaments on your tree. For mine, I first put on one red seed bead, then a smaller red sequin and then a larger pearlized sequin. I chose to put my sequins on in their concave position, so I would get the most out of their sparkle. Because my ribbon had flowers on it, I used the middle of the flower as a marker of where my pin should go.

STEP 3 Once you get back to where you started, make a cut in your ribbon. Not right at where the ribbons meet. Give a little bit of room, because we have to fold it over. So the line doesn't look messy or unfinished, slightly fold your ribbon over and use 2 pins to secure each side of the very end. 

STEP 4 Repeat steps 1-3 all the way down to the very bottom, or as far as you can go. I did each layer so the edges would join at the same place as the last. That way there is a seam down only one side of the tree. If there's extra styrofoam you can cut it off like I said above, or just leave it how it is. Maybe you'll find another way of finishing yours off, Like by attaching fake glittery snow with glue around the very bottom edge! So cute!
(The diy cone tree to the left was one I made last year inspired by another blogger's holiday post, but I can't find the original blog now! If you know of it please let me know, so I can give credit where deserved. I will post a link when I finally come across it too.)
This is such an easy, no glue/no mess way to get a clean and sleek holiday cone tree. I hope it inspires you to make one or even think up some of your own holiday DIY projects!

Happy crafting!

Marissa xo

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