November 21, 2013

CharmingShopVintage Press Feature

Did you know the retro "His" and "Hers" Egg cups in my shop CharmingShopVintage
were recently featured on a blog post?
It's true! 
They were featured on along with twelve other vintage and handmade items for a post entitled "13 Super Awkward Couple Gifts on Etsy." 

Although I don't completely agree with the writers stance on how scary they are, (and she did say they were mugs, not egg cups!) I think it's a cute little post on some of the outside-the-box and unique things you can find on Etsy.
This blog post obviously got a bit of a buzz, because it created some extra traffic in my shop. If it helps find this adorable little egg cup set a good home, I'm all for it! It sure did make me laugh.
Click here to see the full post including the rest of the items.

Thanks for stopping by today.
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Have a good night ladies and gentlemen!

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