August 02, 2013

Winnipeg Red Diver Farmers Market - Dates for CharmingShop

Happy long weekend, lovelies! As I told you last weekend was my very first Farmers Market day. It was busy and I got a fantastic response to my table, which was truly inspirational for me. I snapped a few shots. I apologize in advance for the blurriness and in all, very bad photos. My table was in front of the window, which was great for me, because it helped me stay warm all day, but it didn't make for the best photos. I took these just before packing up for the day. People came earlier than I expected, so my initial photo shoot time was put on hold. Check 'em out!
I was right beside the Tupperware table! It was so hard not to peek over and look at all the neat things!
P.S. Did you know they make replacement lids for vintage Tupperware?! That is so awesome!
It was wonderful to be able to chat with some great people. Just having nice conversations with customers about retro items they own or have owned was so fun. I talked with an older lady about her fabulous collection of 1900s to 1920s jewellery. I got vintage and jewellery lovers of all types. I really enjoy finding out how other people celebrate history and embrace the heirlooms life passes to us, whether we seek it out or it's given to us from family. We are so lucky to be able to collect old treasures. And because my whole shop focusses on the past, I'm so thankful to be reminded of my passion day in and day out. If you've got a treasure, I want to know about it! 
If you live in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, come out and see me at the Red River Farmers Market on Saturdays! I will be there tomorrow (August 3rd), Aug. 10th, Aug. 17th and Aug. 24th! If you just want to say hi or check out my jewellery or art, come on down! 
I just wanted to give you a heads up, because GUESS WHAT?
My jewellery and artwork is cheaper than what it would be in my shop. No shipping costs, because you're right there in person to take it home with you! Pretty awesome, huh? I think so. 
I hope you come and enjoy my candy-coloured 50s fantasyland!
See you there!


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