August 07, 2013

CharmingShop Contest - A Closer Look at Your Prize!

So did you see my post about the CharmingShop Giveaway and wonder what was in the goodie bag? Well you don't have to wonder anymore! Here it is for you all to see! You could win:

*1 of my 11 prints (you can pick which one!)

*a pair of CharmingShop turquoise metal earrings

*a sachet of my glittery handmade confetti with the saying "Congrats." 
(No explanation needed. Congrats is right if you win this super amazing prize pack!)

*3 of my teeny tiny hand braided bracelets - perfect for layering.

*a secret coupon code for 10% off anything in my shop!

That's pretty great, right?
If you're interested in entering, it's SO easy. Just look at the last post below for the instructions. You'll be entered in a flash!
Good luck, my dears!



  1. Hey just noticed you are a fellow Winnipeger! I added your site to my blog link roll:) Your prints are just lovely.

    1. Thanks Daphne! It's so nice to hear from other Winnipeg ladies! Especially those who love vintage as much a I do! I joined your blog as well.