August 27, 2013

Happy Tuesday and Welcome back to the CharmingShop Blog

Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are you on this fine day? I haven't been on here in a few weeks. Mostly because I wanted my blog to have time to breathe, so the very top post would still be about my CharmingShop Contest. If you're new here, welcome! Just scroll down a bit to the post below. There you will find all the details of my contest, which is still going on by the way! It ends August 31st and that day is really creeping up on us now. Gosh, I can not believe summer is almost over already. What happened there?!

I have so much to tell you about, but I really want to let you in on the details! So no quickly mushed together post about a million topics. I'm going to spread it out and tell you over the next few days. Sounds like a plan? Okay! As I have touched on before, I've been at the Red River Farmers Market here in Winnipeg, selling my art prints, fashion jewellery and hand-punched confetti sachets! I've also been scouring the city with my volunteer vintage hunting buddy (my mom!) to get started on my new Etsy shop, CharmingShopVintage! It's just bare bones at the moment, but when I get some items listed, you lovely people will be the first to know. It will be postponed a bit, because I'm helping the comic artist boyfriend of mine meet his artistic deadlines. And on the 4th, I head out on an end of summer road trip to Wisconsin! Hooray! (Expect some travel posts! Did I really even have to warn you?)

CharmingShop is becoming more than just a dream for me. Every day I get closer to my goals and the expectations I set for myself. That's more than I could ever ask for. And you know what? You are the reason that's happening. You, sitting there reading this. You're contributing to the movement propelling me forward and pushing me to invent new ways of expressing my art form. So thank you, dear readers!
I'll keep developing CharmingShop, and giving you sweet atomic era eye candy.

Speaking of Atomic Era eye candy, I have a little interview on the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team Blog today! It's Who's New Tuesday. I joined my local Etsy Team a couple months back. And although I'm naturally shy and enjoy working alone, I'm really blessed and happy that I joined WEST. Just knowing that I have a group of people to potentially reach out to if I need help is really relieving. Sometimes you just don't know all the answers. A new pair of eyes on your work gives a fresh perspective you might not have gotten otherwise. Not to mention some emotional support from people who know exactly how tough it is to create your own small business and stay positive, so you can keep going and not give up. Never give up. If you're on Etsy and you don't have a team, I recommend finding one for yourself. Stop by the WEST blog and take a look at my little interview. While you're there take a look at all the other incredibly talented artists (of all kinds) I share this city with. Winnipeg is home to some really creative and hardworking people. I think you'll love the brilliant Etsy shops that come out of the Winnipeg team.

Enough rambling on for today. I thought I said I wasn't going to talk about a million different topics... What happened there?

All you need to remember are these things:

* I will be posting about shop life and my life for the next little while, updating you on the past few weeks.

* Vintage section coming soon!

* Hurry and get yourself in on my contest because time is running out!

* Check out my interview on the WEST Blog and browse other incredible WESTies.

See? Wasn't that a good and simple recap? I'll see you guys tomorrow. Enjoy your Tuesday!


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