July 21, 2013

My July in Photos

Hey guys, I haven't been posting as much lately, but I hope you're really enjoying your summer. I bet you've been just as busy as I have. Yes it's true I haven't gone anywhere special this year, but I've been keeping busy here in Winnipeg. Here is the story of my July through photos.
The first real marker of July for me is my Mom's birthday. Yeah I know, Canada Day on July 1st should be, but I didn't do anything this year, so three days later, my mom's birthday came around and we definitely celebrated! I spent the day with her at the English Gardens at our local park. It was a beautiful, boiling hot day. Later we went out for dinner and ate incredible food, and then went home for a quiet summer evening of cake and visiting. (No pictures of Mom, sorry! I like to keep some things a tad private. I hope you understand.)
The next big thing in my life right now is my artwork. I've been working so hard to finish everything up for you guys. I have a five week spot in the Farmers Market coming up on July 27th, so I've been preparing down to the last detail. And not just my artwork - my jewellery and little crafty extra too. The good news is I'm essentially ready for CharmingShop's big public debut, and I will be adding all my prints to the shop TODAY, so I'll make a big announcement on the blog later on in the day.

To get the full effect, I've added a couple of my boyfriends photos for this next section. Hooray, It's Wai's Birthday party and our Five Year Anniversary. Yes, we started dating five years ago on his 29th birthday. We went to the movies for our very first date. We saw Get Smart. Ever since then we've been inseparable. I'm lucky to be sharing my life with this man. He's amazing, talented and thoughtful. Our life together is more than I every could've hoped for. This year we celebrated him turning 34 and us being together for another year by going out for a sushi date and seeing Despicable Me 2. It was hard to choose a movie, because there are so many good ones out right now, but we were in the mood for easy laughs. Sometimes that's really all you need. He's had 3 birthday parties in the last couple of weeks. One with his family at the park, one with mine and of course our own family bday (us two and our little cats.) We certainly make sure we milk the Birthday spirit in our family. We like to keep the party going!
Now I have noticed I have way too many photos to share with you lovelies, so I'm going to continue the summer stories another day. Maybe I'll have more to share by then!
How is your summer going? Did you go on any awesome road trips? Have you headed to the beach yet?

See you in a while for an update on my Print when they go up in the Shop!
Lot's of Love!


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