July 12, 2013

Great Summer Sales - Fashion I'm Obsessing Over!

I am so obsessed with summer fashion lately. The prints this year are seriously out of control in a great way! I would love to add each and every one of these pieces to my closet. Oh yes! 
Okay I know, I know. I ended on unlucky number 13. Sorry guys. But what if I told you absolutely ALL of these items are on sale right now? And not just a "few dollars off" pitiful sale. They're way cheaper than normal! I thought I'd pass on these great deals, because I love you guys so much.
Which one is your fav? I'm totally drooling over that ModCloth 50s inspired shell crop top. Just incredible!

See, that wasn't unlucky AT ALL. Happy shopping ladies! While you're on the web, check out my Instagram (link button on the side of my blog.) I'm getting prepared to make my 6 Retro Collection art pieces into prints! I'm way too excited to see how they turn out! Are you? Give me a shout and let me know which one is your favourite! I need to know how many to make, and you know... there are some contests in the works!

Marissa xo

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