July 05, 2013

I Love... Retro Snack Containers!

It's so hot here in Winnipeg lately. Too hot to cook, so tonight we're just having a vegetable tray and snacks for dinner. Thinking about what to serve tonight really put me in the mood to share a vintage love of mine with you. Can you guess? Oh, I see you already spotted that title at the top. Well yes, it's RETRO CONTAINERS! Oh how they hold a special place in my heart. These are a few gems I stumbled upon recently on Etsy. Pretty amazing, right?

1. The cutest Numbered Snack Bowl.
2. I am totally in love with this bright orange-red Mod Bowl Set.
3. Funky Olive Green Stacked Snack Container. I need this in my life for sure.
4. These sweet Tiki-esque Hawaiian Flower Cup Holders have a snack dish attached!
5. The ultimate Anchor Hocking Chip and Dip Bowl Set. My favourite!
6.Retro Stacked Snack Container to hold four kinds of treats to nibble on. Yum!
7. These wooden bowls are always a classic staple! 
Too bad these ones are spoken for, but don't worry. Similar styles are easy to find. 
My family always had a set out, filled with assorted nuts and homemade trail mix.
8. This aqua pear-shaped dish would look lovely sitting out for your next party. Don't you think?
9. I'd be one happy camper to have my glass sit in one of these floral personal snack trays. You can rest your snacks around your drink! So smart. 

Alright fancy ladies and gentlemen! Now that you know all about awesome partywear from the 50s through the 70s, you're probably itching to host your own summer-worthy backyard barbeque or poolside picnic. Invest in some cute party dishes to make your get-together the party no one could ever forget! You won't be able to stop people from inviting themselves over this season when you've got a pantry packed with retro containers and summer snacks. 

I hope you enjoyed these finds as much as I do. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Marissa xo

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