June 27, 2013

A Fabulous Find - The Prettiest Vintage Dress

The other day I went to Value Village, because they were having their sale the next day. If you don't know about this, they have membership cards you can get, so you can shop the day before sale days. There are also various discount days throughout the year. I have one of those cards of course. I wasn't really expecting to find anything there, but I hadn't been there in a while so it was worth a try. 

Well guess what? I found some amazing things! A set of yellow Tupperware canisters, a Tupperware Lettuce Crisper, and two Pyrex Bowls. Pretty exciting! Usually I don't find so many awesome kitchen items all in one thrift store shop. If you know me, vintage kitchen things are my extreme weakness. If I see Pyrex, I have to have it. If I see anything turquoise, my obsession becomes even worse. As you know, the walls of my kitchen are bright turquoise, and just about everything in it is turquoise too. Well I had depleted the housewares area of their best vintage goodies, so I moved onto the clothing. 

I was really hoping for any pretty dress that I could wear this summer for my farmers market "uniform" of sorts. Everything I took to try on was absolutely terrible by the way. But they had a section for Grad dresses. Now we all know I am way past my years of graduation now, but I still had to have a peek to see if any treasures were hanging amongst those fancy dresses. I found this sweet little dress and instantly knew I had to have it. Yes it's a little gaudy and the satin is pretty wild. The bow at the back may have to go. But man, oh man does it look beautiful on. The structure in the top fits like it was made for me. I paid almost nothing for it, so I was totally up for bringing this pretty thing home to add to my closet/collection of clothes. It's not an everyday dress and I can't wear this to the market, but I thought if I need something really crazy and fun to wear (even just for a costume), this will be it. 
It's so easy to bring it up to date with a more modern belt. 
Who could say no to those soft pink and gold scallops? Not me. 
Have you come across any awesome vintage finds lately?

Before I say goodbye for the day, I just wanted to let you all know I will only be posting one to two times a week for now, instead of all week long. It may be temporary. I'm not sure yet. You may have noticed I haven't been doing blog posts as often. It's because I have been having some pretty serious health issues. Nothing to worry about, but it does make it hard for me to blog every day. I figure if I can commit to one or two days, I will have more time to give you some really great posts. Thanks for reading and all your support with my shop. We are having our family garage sale this weekend, and I'm hoping to do farmers markets this summer. There's so much work to do and not a lot of time! 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here soon!


Marissa xo

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