June 10, 2013

Jadeite Gems

Now, I don't really collect Jadeite. Lots of people do. But when I opened up a present of two thick, milky green mugs and a bubbly-looking bowl, I was pretty obsessed with them. They are my first three Jadeite pieces I own, and my dad bought them for me. I know what you're thinking - "Good job, dad!"
Yeah, that's what I thought while trying to do some research on them. I have to admit, I didn't really know much about Jadeite until getting these pieces. While looking on the internet for my specific pieces, I stumbled upon some really amazing collections I thought I would share with you today! 
Look at this cabinet full of Jadeite! I love that the colour of the cabinet matches it's contents. The white pieces gives it such a clean balance, don't you think? 
Found here.
This room is filled with some of the sunniest colours I've ever seen! I adore how the Jadeite plates are placed to frame the white mirror. So lovely!
Found here.
This little setup is to die for. I am crazy about the composition of adding in the black telephones. 
It really is incredibly unique! Found here. Original source here.
This collection of Jadeite Restaurant ware is gorgeous. Take a look at that incredible font!
I'm a sucker for vintage fonts. Found here.
 This Jadeite set in use for pretty desserts. Just darling!
I wish I was invited to a party where this was being served!
Found here. Original source unknown.

Do you have a Jadeite collection? I want to know all about it! 
Let's talk Jadeite guys!

Marissa xo

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