June 18, 2013

Summer Sushi Salad with Wasabi Dressing Recipe

This is one of the easiest gourmet-style salad recipes that I make almost once a week, or at least some form of it depending on what ingredients I have laying around. Last night was just one of those busy nights where we needed a quick dinner with a lot of flavour to boost our mood and keep us going for the rest of the evening. My boyfriend's working so hard on his comic and I'm pricing garage sale items (There sure is a lot of stuff to go through. Yikes.) He said after a long day at work, that was exactly the kind of dinner he wanted to come home to. Seriously, you have to try this salad out for yourself. 
Here's how to make it!

Salad Ingredients:

(This is how I made it this time, but I always change it up depending on what I have in the fridge! 
Get creative with it!)

*bag of salad
(mine was a mix with iceberg, cabbage and carrots, but I like using romaine for this recipe.)
*1 orange
*4 strawberries
*1 avocado
*a handful of sliced almonds
*sprinkle of sesame seeds

Dressing Ingredients:

*1/2 cup oil
*2 tbsp wasabi powder 
*2 tsp lemon juice
*1 tsp sriracha
So as you can tell from the name, this salad has Asian influences, and has similar ingredients to Sushi, but for this recipe I added a lot more fruit than I usually do. Sometimes I just add dried cranberries to give it some sweetness. If you want more of an Asian flair, adding pieces of crab or pollock (fake crab) is really good in this salad too.)

First of all, preheat your oven at 350 degrees F. Then stick your salmon in a baking pan for around 30 minutes, but keep checking it to make sure you don't overcook it. I cooked mine from frozen. If yours isn't frozen, it won't take very long at all. Maybe 15 minutes or less, so keep your eye on it. Before I put my salmon in, I always sprinkle it with a bit of oil and lemon juice, but plain is just as good!

Now while that's going you can work on the salad. If you bought a bag of salad like me, just give it a wash and put it in your bowl. Cut up your orange, avocado and strawberries and add your almond slices and sesame seeds. You can crush up your nori or slice it with scissors. There. Your salad is all done! It's time to move on to the dressing. 

Now I never actually measure my dressing. I actually just go by taste, and keep adding to my liking. You may want to put less wasabi or sriracha, because it does give quite a kick. At my house we are in love with spicy food, but if you like yours a little more tame, just add less. I put my approximate measures of each ingredient above in the ingredient list, so start with that and add more or less depending on how you feel about spicy things. But let me tell you, this salad is nothing without the wasabi dressing, so you have to try it! Don't wimp out now! I can see you hesitating and wondering if you should substitute it for something else. Don't! If you like sushi, you'll like this.

Okay, let's get mixing now! First we have to mix the wasabi powder with a tiny bit of water. If you just bought the premade wasabi in the tube, lucky you. You can skip this step. Put your powder in a little bowl and add a tiny bit of water. It's better to have less than too much. You want to mix it and get a thick paste. If it's watery, you put too much! Now add the rest of your ingredients and give it a taste. 
Add more of whatever you like until it's exactly to your liking. If it's too thick of a dressing, add a bit more oil to thin it out. Is it spicy? Yeah! Good! That's what you want! Let's get that salmon out of the oven.
Assemble your summer sushi salad however you like, and enjoy!
This is by far one of our favourite meals to have. I could eat this every day and never get sick of it.
The best part is, it's very light and doesn't leave you feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. It's a perfect summer picnic recipe.

Try it for dinner tonight!

Marissa xo

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