June 21, 2013


Hello everyone! I hope you're ready for a whole lot of words today. I'm going to run things a tad different today than I usually do. Today marks the first day of summer, and just as that is another transition of the season variety, we are constantly in transitions in our own lives. And by constantly, I mean every second of our lives. But you know that, because you're probably in a mess of things yourself at the moment, right?

I don't usually talk about "life" or the meaning of things, but I thought I might today, because I'm just in that kind of mood, and it really is a passion of mine. Well I guess it is for everyone, because it really translates how you're moving along in the world. I have a few things that I try to live by, one being that I always tell myself to be 100% who you are at all times. If you don't feel authentic, you won't come across as authentic to anyone else. Why wouldn't you stay true to who you are? When you're young you don't have that sense of needing to belong at all costs. Life is carefree and everything is make-believe. You create imaginary worlds and build anything you want to, because you can. When you are older you start needing and living to fit in, but you shouldn't!

That's something I always regret - trying to change myself in hopes others would accept me more. As a young girl I was really heavily into antiques. It was my passion. I loved old things and I couldn't help it. My idea of a good time was looking through family members old jewellery boxes. I would hunt for the most intricate jewellery and stare at family heirloom pieces, hoping that one day I would own such beautiful items myself. I loved, loved, LOVED garage sales. Every weekend, that's what I wanted to do. No exceptions. I had to go. But you know what? I was totally embarrassed by that. I liked to spend my time alone looking through boxes of treasures on strangers lawns, and other girls my age got together on the weekend and played with dolls or went swimming at a public pool. I was kind of ashamed of how I spent my time and tried to keep it a secret. When I look back I think that's so sad, because collecting and hunting for cool things is a huge part of my life now, and I really embrace it. It's so funny how you really feel burdened by society to keep the things you love a secret. Now I will tell anyone and everyone what my hobbies are, because that's what makes me happy. I'm creating my own life and my own idea of how I should live, so it should be exactly to my taste.
But I don't just think this way as a human being. I take this to work with me every day as a business person. Running CharmingShop has been so amazing for me, because I get to put my whole heart into everything I do. When a customer of mine gets to take home something I made, they're getting all of my personality and quirkiness and lifestyle all rolled into their purchase. There is no reason why I shouldn't dive right into my work and participate in every aspect as fully as possible. This is my make-believe world that I created, and I love it.

All I have to say to everyone out there who is struggling to be their own person is this: You should never let perceived boundaries hold you back. We only have so much time allotted to us on this earth. Why would we hold ourselves back? Why shouldn't we push as far as we can through every idea of what things should be like? Why shouldn't we aim to break the mould? I always tell myself anything in the world you want, you can have. Never set tiny goals for yourself. Set huge ones. Your life can be absolutely anything you want it to be. Anything in your life can go how you want it to go. If you fail sometimes, you probably had to much worry or doubt in your heart, but you can learn from that. If you have a dream you should try to realize it and attack it. If the universe is willing, you will have it. Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting. But stay awake. Stay vibrant and positive in the meantime and let go of all expectations people put down on you. Setting those goals and putting them out there is what gets you somewhere. Secrets will get you nowhere. Shout your dreams out loud for everyone to hear and eventually good things will come your way.

I know that was a huge mouthful and you probably weren't expecting that, but if you read this and it helps you, that'll make me really happy. All I want is for everyone to be 100% true to themselves no matter what and to still play, even in adulthood. Everyone should live their own fantasy. Everyone should be happy. That's what I believe in my own life and what I believe for CharmingShop. Be yourself.

Marissa xo

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