May 07, 2013

The Life of a Multi-tasker.

I'm a multitasker at heart. I have a million different projects going at one time. Sometimes it's easy to balance it all, sometimes the commotion of everything can get a little out of control. But that's what I like. I love keeping busy, whether it's with CharmingShop or just working on my sweet little home. Here are a few of my ongoing projects right now (for the most part in Instagram photos. Woohoo!)

Project #1 - Bedroom Makeover
 I said the other day that I wanted to redo my bedroom. I'm off to a good start! We got this gorgeous 60s inspired printed quilt for our bed, and I'm loving the bright energetic colours in it. I swear I sleep better now. It actually reminds me so much of my childhood, being over at my grandparents houses, sleeping over in a floral printed bed. I could never sleep as a young girl, because I was too busy enthralled in all the different pastel flowers surrounding me. I would count them. Draw around them with my fingertips. And thus creating my love for vintage patterns. Now you know!
But back to my room of course. Once I start getting everything else going in there it will be a very peaceful place for us to retire to at night. I have some great plans involving a massive mirror and an old dresser my great grandfather built. I think it's going to be the coziest bedroom ever. The little kid in me will be very pleased.
Project #2 - Retro Kitchen
 The things happening in my kitchen right now are just too exciting for words. It looks even better in person!
With summer around the corner, I'm in the painting mood. My kitchen is my current painting recipient. I finished the walls in Behr Cozumel, and soon I will be painting the ceiling, cabinets and trim in a bright whitest white. It already looks 100% better. When we bought the house the first thing I saw was my gorgeous breakfast nook and the dingy, dark and dusty yellow walls surrounding it. We saw potential, and now that my kitchen is a brilliant shade of turquoise, the beauty of what I thought it could be is really shining through. I can't wait to get cooking in there again! The kitchen of my dreams is cute and straight from the 1950s, and that's what I have now. I'm a lucky girl.

Project #3 - CharmingShop Art

I am dying over how cute my new artwork is. It's better than I could've ever dreamed. I'm letting my imagination run wild right now. And with all my creativity flowing, I'm making some beautiful pieces. I'm just counting down the days now until I finally finish them all and can share them with you. That's the thing about a series. you have to finish them all first before you can release them. Sorry guys. I know I've been talking and talking about my upcoming art with no new items in the shop yet. Let me tell you, It'll be worth the wait!

Project #4 - Band Blanket
Ladies, here it is! I have the best DIY for you and your boyfriend/husband/ significant other. Guys like bands. Great. That's awesome. Us girls like music too. But the thing is the men in our life buy band shirts and still won't get rid of them even if they're full of holes and hanging onto them by just one thread. They still wear them like the first day they got them. Believe me, it's a disaster. Well I have a solution, so don't you fret anymore. I am making a blanket out of my boyfriends old 
hole covered band t-shirts. They're too precious to part with, and that's okay. Come on, our guys put up with our pink frilly things around the house. We should let them have something cool, right?
I'm doing this blanket in a large quilt style to make sure all the artwork stays in tact. I'll sew it up, maybe give it a cool backing and voila, a nice blanket to sit on our blue 60s velvet couch in the basement band room. Expect to see more detailed instructions in the coming weeks of course!

Project #5 - Our 1st Garage Sale
No photo for this one, but if there was, it would be a huge tower of bins and piles of loose stuff everywhere. You might think I was a hoarder! But no, we're just preparing for our first ever Garage Sale. It's Garage Sale season and of course I want to have one of our own. Our very first one that we've ever hosted. Sorting, pricing, organizing - it's my cup of tea. I'm having so much fun, getting rid of things we don't use and don't need. But I have to admit, I stuck a glittery gold pair of shoes in one bin and now I want them back. So needless to say, they'll be making their way back into my closet when I see them again. I had second thoughts about them. Better late then never. Anyway, whoever stumbles upon our garage sale will be very pleased - gold glittery heels or not.  
Thanks for reading and as always and check out CharmingShop for new items. I will have some in for you soon enough. I promise. 


Marissa xo

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