May 15, 2013

Crazy for Shift Dresses!

What I had originally wanted to do today was an Outfit post. I know you guys barely ever get to see me, and what I look like. (Sorry I'm shy!) I'm trying to be more present in pictures in my blog and I thought starting this lovely Wednesday off with a fashion blog post would be nice. But...I have a coldsore. The first one I have ever had in my entire life. Thanks. And paint stuck in my hair and on my hands. Not a pretty sight right now. Sorry guys. That outfit post will have to wait a bit.

Instead I thought I would treat you with a fabulous finished product.
This piece took me two days to finish. I powered through it as fast as I could, while trying to make it as awesome as it could possibly be. You know how I love a good vintage find. Well I just thought really hard about what I like a good vintage shift dress to look like. If I was in a thrift store, what kinds of dresses would I want to find there? Well here they are.
And some close-ups:
This piece will not be released yet. It's in the same series as the Retro Glasses pieces. All of these cool pieces will be released as open edition prints once I finish a couple more. There will be five or six in the  group. Too many to choose from, right?! So far I want a print of each of them! What's a girl to do??

Well I hope you enjoyed this adorable piece. There will be another coming soon with totally different dresses on them. I would never make them exactly the same. What's the fun in that?! 

And just to leave you in suspense, as I was writing this a super amazing package came in the mail... You'll find out what that is in a couple days! 
Thanks for reading my dears, and have a lovely day!


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