May 16, 2013

CharmingShop on Pinterest

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I'm here to tell you CharmingShop has officially joined Pinterest. I created an account months ago, but never pinned anything, because I had too much on my plate, what with the opening of CharmingShop and all the creating and business work. But now, I thought getting my Pinterest account up and running would be a good thing to do. So I've been pinning my own items up all morning. I plan on using Pinterest a lot. Just like Instagram. I'm a photo addict. I wanted to get all my work up for you to look at on a couple boards, and then I'll start pinning other things that I enjoy. I am actually excited to start pinning. I think I will be obsessed with it. I'm not sure if that worries me or if I'm just so overjoyed by the thought of grouping cool photos together. Oh boy. This should be good...
If you would like to take a look at the CharmingShop Pinterest boards, my account is here. Have a look around. Feel free to repin whatever you want! You can follow me too. And comment here with your Pinterest account, so I can follow you!

Thanks everyone and happy pinning!

Marissa xo

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