April 01, 2013

Working On Something New

Guess what? I'm working on something top secret for the coming months. But...I can't tell you exactly what that is yet! But I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I always get too excited and have to share a little piece of information before I explode with excitement! So I took some pictures. 

Yes they are earring sets! But I can't tell you what for! For the next little while I will be focussing solely on my artwork, developing some new work. Before I delve into that I had one last thing in mind for my jewellery! I photographed them this way for you, because A, the theme is a secret! And B, I'm still developing the awesome packaging. They should be in the shop in less than a week, so you don't have to wait too long. 

Get ready to get excited!

So in regards to my art, I'm going to be working non stop, getting some new pieces ready for the shop and then also building up stock for the summer. My plan is to do the Farmers Markets here this year! So if you live in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, you can come out and visit and do a little outdoor shopping. Yay! 

Of course I'm going to continue posting on here daily and bring you little updates on my life and work! But if that's not enough please find me on your favourite social media sites! I'm basically addicted to Instagram, so if you want, go ahead and follow me on there!

Here are my links again if you need them!

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I'm always available for questions or if you're interested in collaborating or having a commissioned piece made by me! Let's work together! Or just say hi! That's okay too!

Alright I'm going to leave you now and get to work! Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. It means so much! See you back here tomorrow.

Marissa xo

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