March 31, 2013

My All Time Favourites!

Today I want to talk about my all time favourite cosmetic products. These are the ones I always go back to. No matter how many I products I try, these are still my favourites. I like to try ones that claim to be similar to them or I think may sway me from them. It's like a test or a game to see if they can beat out everything else. Nothing can beat them! They're that good!

Now keep in mind, everyone is different. these are my "can't live without" products, but maybe they won't necessarily suit your needs. But from working with a lot of people over the years with their beauty needs, I can say the majority of you adore these ones too! They are worth trying out for sure.

Falsies Flared Mascara in Very Black (Waterproof) by Maybelline

Here's the deal, this one is not only my favourite mascara, but it's also my all time favourite cosmetic product! I have purchased so many of these, it's crazy. No matter what mascara I try, I always end up ditching it and going out to get this one again! I'm very loyal to this beauty. 

What's so awesome about it? The spoon brush gets you to the bottom of the lashes and sweeps them up so high. Your lashes will look so full and amazing. People ask me all the time if I'm wearing false lashes! It gives volume, length and an overall dramatic look. it also wings out the sides of your lashes creating a really sultry, romantic look. I like waterproof mascaras, but this one does come in regular (and different colours.) I've tried both regular and waterproof and neither of them budge. No flaking or smudging throughout the day. It doesn't come off until you want it to. At the end of the day, this mascara looks just as good as when you put it on first thing in the morning. I like a mascara that's going to work overtime, because I don't have time to fix it up in the day. This mascara is worth it. Of course it takes a few times to get a hang of the spoon brush. That's what worries a lot of people. I promise you will get used to it! It's the best.

True Match Touche Magique Concealer by L'oreal

This concealer is insane. I've never ever been so impressed by a concealer. The fact that it is a mass product, but it behaves like a prestige product blows my mind. It has the qualities of a very expensive product. L'oreal did it right making this one. I will buy this concealer forever. 

Why? First of all it's an illuminating anti fatigue product. Basically not only is there pigment to hide your dark circles, it also works with the light to draw attention away from flaws. It's a lifesaver. I like that it's not thick. The texture is light and silky, so there's no clumping in your eye area. It blends in really well and stays put. A lot of concealer with high coverage is thicker and can look cake-y if applied wrong. This formula is simple to apply. You really can't go wrong. I have very dark circles under my eyes and I've used it on other people with dark circles as well. It always does the trick. If you have this problem too, you need to try this. It's perfect for any blemish or problem area you want to hide. 

Lise Watier Sun Smart

I am so glad I discovered this product, because it does a few different things. It actually eliminates a couple beauty steps, and making a beauty routine easier is a big bonus in my book! Now it's actually a sunscreen first of all. With an SPF of 30, it's dermatologically tested, extremely gentle and very silky soft. It had a universal uv shield, so it filters the suns harmful rays. It's also paraben free. It's also good for all skin types. Basically it's a sunscreen miracle. If you're like me, you hate the thick feeling of sunscreen. Especially on your face. That's a big problem. Here's where this gets acts like a primer. Yes! It has a primer effect on the skin. it smoothes, fills in lines and pores and helps make your foundation look flawless! Put this on first and then the rest of your makeup and you will be amazed. I have an oilier acne prone skin type and I found that after using this it acted as a barrier to keep dirt and impurities away from my skin just like a primer would. It also made my skin fell smoother and healthier. I noticed a reduction in acne and my pores became small and untraceable! Even on days I don't wear makeup, applyng this makes my skin look amazing. It's on the pricier side, but this is one of those things that will pay off for you. Think about the price of a great primer and a really good sunscreen. This has both in one, and the level of sunscreen in this one is hard to beat. The sun is harsh! Be kind to your skin!

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick

My favourite of these lipsticks is Vesuvio, a bright matte red. In fact I'm wearing Vesuvio in my jewellery photos! I love the skinny, compact shape of these. It helps get the perfect amount on my lips without making a mistake or a huge mess. I can dot it right on the cupids bow on my top lip and the diameter of it fits my lip shape perfectly. I also love the long lasting effect. It's matte with an awesome colour payoff. Of course, if you're not crazy about matte lipstick, this may not be for you. But I adore a matte lip like nothing else! This one's also a bit pricier, but well worth it I've found. I get a lot more use out of these than all my other lipsticks. They come in a lot of great colours, and they bring in limited edition colours for different collections and seasons. I would suggest trying this lipstick on before purchasing to get a feeling of what it's like. Try it!

Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner (Universal Dark)

This is a great brow liner! It's so inexpensive but it's better than a lot of brow products from more expensive lines! It has a fabulous texture. When you use it, it glides on so effortlessly. The stick form is easy to use and it even has a brush on the end to comb out your brows. You can use it to create any number of looks. You can keep your brows thin and precise or full and thick or anything in between. It's such a good tool to get any look you need. I would definitely recommend trying this brow pencil out. I find it's better than using a powder or gel or any other type. It stays put, but still looks soft and natural. 

I hope you enjoyed my favourite products. If it inspires you to go out and try them, that's great! Let me know so we can gush about how awesome they are later. Have a great day everybody and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate Easter!

Marissa xo

*All photos found on Google from products websites.

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