April 14, 2013

Springtime Sketches

Oh hey Dears, I know I haven't posted the last few days. It will be tight every weekend, because my other half needs the computer to colour his comic he's working on. We've decided his deadline is nearing and his work wins the computer over mine. So I've been catching up on my artwork instead and cleaning up our house. I'm itching to start painting once the weather warms up, so getting everything organized is crucial. This is what I've been doing the last couple of days. 
Work in progress, I still have to finish colouring. I showed you the bare bones the other day. After I finish drawing everything in with pencil, I start filling it in with Prismacolours. This time I picked a really sweet spring time colour palette. I'm absolutely obsessed with the way pencil crayons apply to watercolour paper. It has this great creamy texture, that gives all my pieces a handmade, crafty feel. 

I like the idea of my pieces feeling homemade. Like something vintage, I like to make my pieces feel very detailed and as if someone really laboured to make it just right. The quality of the past is hard to match nowadays. I guess labour-intensive work is a weird way to describe your own art...but it does take so much time to just finish my pieces. My hand done backgrounds alone can take anywhere between 8 hours to 20 hours. Yes, keep in mind this is just a background! But when I start seeing my pieces come together, I get so excited. Each one is such a pleasant surprise. 
I'm going to keep going on this one and pretty soon it can go up in my shop as a gorgeous finished piece. Hooray!

Marissa xo

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