April 11, 2013

Healthy Brushes, Healthy Skin

Here's the truth ladies and gentlemen, cleaning your makeup brushes is not a option, It's a must. 
Did you know, as you use your brushes, they collect dirt, oils and bacteria you can transfer onto your skin? Yuck. And what's worse, as you dip that brush into your favourite gold powder eyeshadow, you're actually contaminating it too! 
What does that mean exactly? Well your amazing eyeshadow is not going to last as long. The colour or consistency might change, telling you it's time to get a new one. It will overall expire faster. And to think, we could prevent all that with a little brush cleaner! 
Trust me, your wallet will thank you. Don't buy expensive prestige cosmetics and have it all go to waste. If you're investing in good makeup, spending a few extra dollars for a brush cleaner is really going to help you out. Your skin will be very happy too. Less bacteria means a cleaner, fresher face with less breakouts and clogged pores.
For Daily Cleansing:
To clean your brushes daily use a brush cleanser in a spray. It's so simple! Spray it on and gently move your brush back and forth on a paper towel until it wipes clean, and no residue is left on the brush. Almost every makeup brand has it's own brush cleanser. I'm a sucker for the Lise Watier brush cleanser, because it smells sweet like vanilla. Yummy. If you run out, you can also make a mixture with pharmaceutical alcohol and water, but remember this is not a permanent solution. It's not too good for your brushes, because it can dry them out over time.

For a Deep Clean:
Every now and then your brushes should get a good shampoo. Every month is probably good. You can purchase brush shampoos from your favourite makeup brand, or a cheaper alternative is using a baby shampoo or a gentle, organic or vegan friendly shampoo. Add a little dab to your brush and gently work through the brush under the tap with warm water. Your brush will look wet and misshapen. When they are clean, shape them a bit with your hands so they dry into their regular shape. You can lay them flat on a towel or place them back in their upright holder. Don't throw them back in your makeup bag!

The Key:
Be gentle. Your brushes may not look like it, but they are delicate. They will last forever if you take care of them.

 Watch the handles. Do not soak your brushes in a bowl of water! If the handles are exposed to water for long periods of time, the glue will start to loosen and eventually you'll end up with two pieces and a broken brush. 

A Good Tip: 
If you're feeling wary about the condition of your makeup, give that a spray too and wipe away a layer with a Qtip.

I cleaned my brushes last night, so I thought I'd share some tips. I'm guilty of forgetting to clean my brushes sometimes, and I know lots of other people forget too. So get out your brushes right now and have a good makeup brush cleaning day! 

Marissa xo

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