April 14, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Oh wow, my birthday is in 4 days! These are some things I've been dreaming of lately.
In a perfect world, these would all make amazing gifts for me this year! But for now, they're just on my imaginary day-dreaming wishlist. Without sounding super cheesy, the best birthday gift I have is being able to spend my 23rd birthday with the people I love most - my family. So cliche, I know, but every year, I realize how important they are to me in my life.

1. Sun Smart by Lise Watier, found here.
 2. A super awesome Mid Century China Cabinet
3. Adorable t-strap shoes from Bait Footwear, found here.
4. Sally Hansen Nail Strips
5. This ridiculously cute sundress from Modcloth, found here.
6. Pink Pyrex
7. Blue Foaming Handsoap from Bath and Body Works, found here.
8. Everlasting Foundation in 103 Ivory by Clarins, found here.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Marissa xo

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