April 24, 2013

My Dream Come True - Mid Century Teak China Cabinet

Hi everybody. Happy wednesday! The week is already half over. Woah. 
So as I mentioned many times already, for my birthday we were on the hunt for a china cabinet for our living room. My mom purchased a very large set of Old Country Rose China from my grandma's friend when she was downsizing, and it's been everywhere since I've owned it. In storage bins, moving from place to place while we were trying to save money for our own house. And here, it was sitting on a self in our basement. How awful! I so badly wanted a place to display the pieces. Although, since they look so fancy and proper, I wanted something more sleek to balance that out. Our space is much more relaxed and I like the idea of mixing things up.

Well we looked and looked everywhere. The main issue, I will admit, is that I am incredibly picky and particular about what I want usually with everything. But I mean, come on, it's a china cabinet and I plan to keep it forever. If there's something slightly wrong or not just right in size or shape, it will bother me! While hunting, I discussed with my mom that I would like one just like/ or similar to hers. It was my grandma's cabinet and I grew up with it in her house by the brick fireplace in the TV room. Then she told me if I didn't find anything, she would sell that one to me. I didn't want to take it from her, so we pressed on and looked for another week. 

Well we didn't find anything, and after lots of assurance that she wanted me to have the cabinet and wanted some new pieces of furniture instead, I got my cabinet. And we both agree, it's looked better than it ever has, sitting in my living room.
This baby was once filled with crystal at my grandma's house. She had little plates that she painted on the shelf in the middle. On the left corner in the back there were always a deck of cards in a carved wooden box that my sister and I used to take out and play with. But we had to be careful because they were old. Sometimes my grandpa would play cards with us, and he would say he would give us a nickel if we won. He always tried to cheat as a joke. That cabinet was part of my childhood, and I'm really happy that it's mine now. I really can't wait to have my grandma over for tea, so she can see what it looks like in it's newest home.

Here are some shots of how I arranged my cabinet. I'm sure it will probably change in the future as we acquire more things, but right now I think it's prefect. I kept it simple and stored the rest underneath in the drawers. This teak cabinet is truly a dream. I love it. Every time I walk past my living room, I think about how beautiful it looks right where it is, and how it will suit us in the future, as we move to new houses and start our own family. I'm pretty happy to be taking this along for the ride.

A big thank you to my boyfriend, for buying a family heirloom for me for my birthday. It was a strange and unusual transaction, but I'm highly satisfied!

Marissa xo

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