April 24, 2013

Wrapped up in Spring - My New Pieces

The snow is FINALLY starting to melt here. I can actually see some grass out there. Lately I've been working away inside my house, ignoring the current bad weather, making my own spring in my artwork. I have been uplifting my mood with bright colours and spring inspired themes. All I'm thinking of is retro sunglasses, pretty beach bikinis and first blooms. 
Remember this print? Yeah! I'm so in love with this one. It's just a background and I'm still working out what needs to go on top to make this piece doubly amazing.

And this one...
Can you tell what this one is inspired by? 
Lily of the Valley of course! Again, just a background right now. I can't wait to play around with this one too. My favourite part of my artwork is the end manipulation and creating a contrast in the piece. It's already so sweet and innocent, maybe it needs to be dressed up real edgy!

Last but not least...
This is my latest piece and as I go along, I get more and more excited about it. Are you in love, because I am! I'm really pleased by how much I am able to make each pair of sunglasses look exactly like the last. It's a tough, long process, but so worth it, am I right? Everything will be coloured soon enough. I already have some colours in mind...

Do you like any of these? Well guess what Ladies and Gentlemen? 
When this collection is done, there will be prints available for sale, as well as the originals. I love these ones so much, I wanted to make more of them so lots of people can have them. And honestly, creating a lower price point for some people who want a cool piece but don't have a lot to spend. Am I right? That's me too guys, don't worry. I'm on your team. Keep an eye out, and check back here often for updates. Of course I will tell you when they're ready here too!

Thanks for the love.
Your interest in art is awesome!

Marissa xo

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