April 22, 2013

Birthday Photos

For some reason in my family birthdays last forever. I coined the term "Birthday Week" when describing a birthday in my family, because a full week is needed to have our parties and celebrate. This year was fun and exciting. I like intimate, cozy birthdays, just relaxing and taking it easy. Especially since we are always on the go. This year I used my birthday to just breathe and watch some of my favourite movies that I've been wanting to see for a while. Here are some photos of my special day(s.)
My birthday outfit!
Flowers from my wonderful boyfriend.
My new cabinet! I'll do a post for this baby soon.
Dinner at my moms. It was a joint birthday with my Grandma since our birthdays are so close.

Oh and Instagram! (marissahowes)
These are some of my posts from my birthday

 Marissa xo

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