May 26, 2014

Chicago Part Two

Today I'm putting up the second set of photos from our Chicago trip. I seriously can't believe it's been a month since we were there. I already feel like I'm ready to go somewhere else again!
The art gallery was truly amazing. There were so many incredible paintings I've always wanted to see in real life. The collection of miniature rooms were the first thing we looked at and I took pictures of each one. I couldn't believe the intricate details put into each tiny room. Those three photos in the top right corner are of the some of the miniatures. You wouldn't even know they weren't real rooms with real furniture and decor! 

I am a huge, huge fan of surrealism. Seeing the Salvador Dali paintings, especially this one painted on a big wooden divider, was unbelievable. I wanted to see the paintings by Renee Magritte, because he's my favourite artist and a big influence in my own art. Unfortunately they were all in storage, because they were having a large Magritte exhibit in the coming months. I can't believe I missed it! Oh well. 

I loved every bit of the art gallery, from the paintings, to the sculptures and statues, to the furniture exhibits. It was all fantastic! 
We went to the Willis Tower on the same day as the art gallery, later in the evening. There's an observation deck on the 103rd floor. I was a little worried about the glass floor, because I'm very afraid of heights. It's one of the tallest buildings in the world, so the thought of that kind of view terrified me! It was packed and not as fun as we thought it would be, but after a long wait in line we got our chance to look out over the edge. Then there was a extra long line to get back down. It would definitely be worth going on a quieter day, because the view is so nice, but it was way too busy when we were there. Too busy for me anyway. Afterwards we went to Giordano's for deep dish pizza, but they were overbooked. We just ordered it to-go and hopped in a cab to take it back to the hotel for a quiet, late night pizza dinner. 

While we were back at the hotel, Wai proposed to me! He had been carrying the ring around for the whole week and was waiting for a good moment. His idea was to propose at the Willis Tower, but because it wasn't the best experience, he didn't do it! It was nice that he did it in the hotel though. It was just the two of us. We're more of a private, low-key couple, so being alone for it was just our style anyway. He proposed to me in Chicago. That's romantic enough for me! I'm so excited to start this new chapter of our life together and of course, start planning for our wedding!
Our first actual day as an engaged couple was spent at C2E2, the Chicago Comic Con. I've never been to one before. We were there for eight hours and it was quite whirlwind of an experience. Their convention centre is such a huge space and it was filled with so many booths and thousands of people dressed in the most elaborate costumes. 

Wai got his Comic Con day, so the next day was for me! We went to the Randolph Street Market, to check out some local vintage and makers' wares. It was fantastic, but it was early in the season, so not as big as they usually are when it warms up in the spring and summer. We were there for a long time, hunting through all the booths for some really great items and deals. I got a fabulous 60s minidress, 60s box-y top, three pairs of earrings and a few gifts for family members. Even Wai found some things for himself; a vintage music poster from Europe included. We both love vintage things and we both have our own styles. There were even some some ridiculously amazing furniture pieces there that I wish I could've taken home with me. We would never find those kinds of things here in Winnipeg. 
The next morning we went to the airport to make our way home, but it was not in the cards for us in the end. The short story is, our flight was delayed many times, then cancelled, and then we waited for a transfer flight to Montreal in order to get home faster the next day. In Montreal our luggage was lost and on a separate plane flying in later that night. By 2 am the next morning we were in our little airport hotel just outside Montreal, exhausted and ready to go home. We got some sleep and woke up early to head to the airport once again. We waited and waited and finally got on our plane back to Winnipeg. Air travel can be so frustrating, but in the end we got home okay and that's all that matters.
Our trip to Chicago was so much fun. I think we will be going back again in the future. The city is so colourful, creative and energetic. It was just the type of vacation we needed. I hope you liked the photos! Obviously I couldn't fit them all in. I just had to pick the best ones. I'm glad I took so many, so I can look at them and remember how amazing it is there! 

Well have a great Monday everyone!
I'll see you again soon!

Marissa xo

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