April 06, 2014

Bathroom Inspiration

Within the next few days I'd like to share our bathroom renovation, but I thought first I would show you some other bathroom designs I used as inspiration. The photo above is my very favourite of the bunch. I love its swooping architectural look and bright colours to match. Found here.
I included this photo in my collection, because it most resembled our bathroom when we bought the house. Everything matched a little too well. In this case it was a tad outdated, but I found having a photo of a similar look in the group really made me focus on the fact that I wanted to keep the bathroom as true to the original concept as possible. Just little updates to modernize it. Found here.
What I took from this picture was the crisp and clean look of the white walls. I knew right away that I wanted to brighten up the space with small pops of colour, so keeping the walls bright white was a given. (And when you have powder blue fixtures like we do, you have limited options anyway.) Found here.
From the beginning I had picked orange to partner the blue already present everywhere in our bathroom. I thought a lot about how to incorporate orange and blue together, without making it too crazy. These two retro bathrooms are a little tacky and over the top, but I really appreciate the use of colour. Found here.
Lastly, I wanted it to have a really funky, psychedelic feel to it. I was aiming for some retro 60s/70s shapes. This picture had everything I was looking for. (Except not quite in colour and this is obviously not a bathroom.) Found here.

We're still working out a few of the final details of our little renovation, but other than that, it's looking quite marvellous these days. I can't wait to show you!

Marissa xo


  1. Your inspirations are very interesting; there’s a mix of retro, a classic white-themed, and a colorful one. If I have to pick, it would be the third one. It’s easy to get, and white never gets old. How about you? What did you pick for the design of your bathroom?

    Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach County Contractor

    1. Our bathroom is quite small, so we went ahead and painted the walls stark white. The pops of colour are shades of orange and blue. We have a 1950s bathroom with all blue fixtures, and because we were keeping them, I chose orange as a complimentary colour choice. It's also a classic retro look that matches the rest of our home. I took the inspiration in different ways from each of these rooms. I'll be doing a blog post of our actual finished bathroom project very soon! Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing other ideas and comments!