November 02, 2013

Halloween 2013

This Halloween was busy, busy, busy and incredibly fun! I wanted to share some of the things I did with my family this year to get in the spirit.
We made some cute sugar cookie ghosts, black cats and jack-o-lanterns. My favourite are definitely those cats. They're too cute for words.

We had two pumpkins this year - one for my house and one for my moms. After finding out I'd be alone at my house for Halloween, we decided to move the party over to my mom's house. (Her two-storey house looks more like a Haunted House anyway!) Her pumpkin is so sweet looking and I got a little carried away with mine. I enjoy making mine as crazy-looking as possible every year. 
This is her house. I decorated the outside just before the little kids started coming. We had roofers up there right until the last minute! Nice timing, hey?

I discovered this amazing handmade vintage dress that I just could not let go of early this summer. It was way too big, and it was so long it went past my feet and then some. But I expected I could shorten it and get an amazing costume out of it. I am not usually one to alter anything old. I generally keep things exactly the way I find them, but I knew I had to wear this dress. It was very "out there", but I'm totally okay with that! You can't really see, but it has orange velvet cinched areas on the sleeves with little bows. And at one point it had a belt. Too bad it's not with it anymore. I wonder what it looked like! I can't believe someone made this pretty thing themselves! I think I did a pretty good job of altering it into a cute little mini dress. It deserves to be worn.

And I just wanted to mention I styled my costume with my Bait Footwear Noel heels in Luggage. These shoes are my absolute favourite. If I had to pick one pair to wear the rest of my life, it would be these ones for sure. Plus they're very 1960s retro. Perfect for this outfit.
Here is a look at my makeup - eyes open and eyes closed. I wish I had better close-up photos of this, so I'm sorry about the blurriness. It always looks so much better in real life. I did this whole look in just half an hour, false lashes included. I wanted to stay super authentic 60s, but a bit stronger for a Halloween night look. My dress was very dramatic and bold, so I thought the makeup should be pretty literal as well. 

All in all I had so much fun standing at the door handing out candy to the little kids. This year we had 100+ kids compared to 15 or 20 last year. They're always so cute in their costumes! I like how scared and excited they get. It remind me of when I was little and how I used to go trick or treating with my sister and best friend. We were always so worried that someone or something would jump out at us at each house, but too excited to receive our candy, take it home and dump it out on the living room floor to sort through and trade. 

What are your Halloween traditions? And of course, what were you this year?! 
I hope you had a great Halloween! Thanks for taking a peek at mine!

Marissa xo

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