May 01, 2013

Odd Lips

Most of the time when you see me, I'm wearing one of two makeup looks - black cat-eye liner on my eyes and red lipstick or dramatic Sixties eyes with a peachy lip. I have a flair for vintage makeup in my own beauty routine. That's my comfort zone, and that's what defines me. 
But here's the problem...
I'm a beauty junkie. Not like I used to be. I'm much more sensible now. I only buy to refill the necessities now. Let me tell you though, I still have quite the collection. It wasn't just for me. It was for all the ladies I used to do makeup on. Some of the things I would never dream of wearing again. They're strictly Cosmetician looks or something I bought with someone else in mind. 
Now that I'm in a different line of work, I do my own personal look every day. 
Sometimes though, I open up my cosmetic case, and play around. 
As I mentioned before with Lipstick Love, I am absolutely head over heels for lipstick. 
They are my weakness and probably always will be. 
But I don't just have a million red lipsticks to feed my red lipstick addiction.
I have other colours too. 
So I thought I would do a little post on some lip looks that I don't think I would ever wear in real life, but it sure was fun playing with some unusual colours!
Not all these looks are by actual lipstick. You can be much more creative by implementing 
other cosmetics you own.

This is what I used:

1. Silver - MakeUpForEver Aqua Eyes 8L, MakeUpForEver Silver Eyeshadow.
2. Lilac - MAC Quite Cute
3. Candy Pink - MAC Saint Germain
4. Bright Peach - MakeUpForEver 402 Lipstick, #601 Anna Sui Lip Gloss.
5. Soft Green - Concealer Stick, #900 Anna Sui Eye Colour Accent
6. Gold - MakeUpForEver Aqua Eyes 9L, #850 Anna Sui Lip Gloss
7. Purple - Revlon Super Lustrous #663 Va Va Violet
8. Black - #060 Anna Sui Lip Rouge

Play around with your makeup! That's what it's for!
Would you wear any of these looks?

Marissa xo

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