May 19, 2013

DIY Pattern Art

Do you want to know a really simple way of creating really cute art for your home? I'm forever collecting scraps of paper and fabric of really cute prints I like. If I buy something, and the cardboard packaging is so gloriously adorned with a special motif, I cut out the best pieces and keep them. I'm kind of a pattern hoarder if you will. I especially like retro inspired wrapping paper. 

When I shop for wrapping paper I look for amazing vintage looking styles and make sure I keep at least a little section for myself. What do I do with these things? Well sometimes I use the smaller bits for arts and crafts, and they seem to always make their way into my collage artwork. 

Sometimes the pattern is so large, I couldn't bare to cut it up and lose the beauty of the pattern. And why would you just keep them hidden away in a box so no one can see your collection? The best answer is frame them! Put them up on your walls so that everyone can see your collection! You showcase your personality through the artwork you keep in your home. This is no different. 

And it's so easy! Just measure and cut out a piece for your frame. Make sure the print is straight if it needs to be. AND I can not stress enough, that you get the best possible picture out of it. Move  it around and see what arrangement you like best. For example in my blue paper with the circles and starbursts, I really wanted to make sure I got a lot of starbursts in my piece and that they were evenly spaced out. 
I framed 2 of my favourite wrapping paper pieces in a long panoramic style invisible frame to get the most out of the pattern. The piece with gifts on it is also wrapping paper and I chose a similar invisible frame, but a little smaller since the print and colours were so strong. The cardboard piece is from Orla Kiely packaging. I loved the motif, so I cut it out. As you've probably noticed I didn't frame this one, and for good reason. I left it because this one will go in our laundry room. It has sort of a shabby chic look, so leaving it in raw form and undone will go perfectly in there. The little blue piece is also from Orla Kiely packaging. I put it in this tiny blue frame and I think it looks just darling!

You can do your own very quickly using wrapping paper, fabric, newspaper, magazines or anything really. You can frame them in all the same style frame for a uniform look or you can do them all differently like me. You can have them grouped together or you can split them up and put them all over your house. You're the crafty one, so go wild! Make your pattern collection into unique and beautiful art. It only takes a couple minutes and then it's ready to hang. Yay!

Do you like this idea? Do you have a growing paper collection that's getting out of control? How would you style your pattern art?

Have a lovely long weekend!

Marissa xo

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