May 31, 2013

DIY - Bow Making Tutorial

Good morning! Today is Friday and we have a busy day ahead of us here at the house. We have lots of errands to run. You know, just little things here and there to spruce up our place a bit, like new fabric for kitchen curtains and knobs for our kitchen drawers and cabinets. And of course some much needed flowers, because the only ones occupying our yard at the moment are dandelions. But before we get going I wanted to give you a diy. Yay DIY day! I haven't done one in a while.

Here's what you'll need:
*Fabric glue
*sewing needle
*small rings (like jewellery-making jump rings)
*fabric (I used about a 10cm by 5cm piece)
Here's some (not all) of the things you'll need to make your bow.
Turn your fabric upside down and sew the edges on that side. You can pin down the edges to help you.
Fold your fabric accordion style lengthwise to make the bow. Hold it there and sew through the top and bottom (right where my fingers are in this photo!)
Next, flip your bow over and sew on your jump ring. This is going to help you use your bow for different things. Trust me, you'll want it!
Put a large dab of glue right in the centre of your bow (and a little on your jewel of choice too.) Attach your jewel and hold it down for a few seconds just to make sure it sets properly. And make sure it's on there straight while you're at it!
Ta Da! You just made a bow! Easy as pie.
You can use your adorable little bow for anything, really. That little jump ring is there for you to thread ribbon through, attach a hair pin or a keychain or anything else your heart desires! These are just some ideas I had:

*clip onto your shoes
*wear in your hair on a Bobbi pin or on a hair tie
*as a necklace
*tie onto your purse
*use on a keychain
*clip onto your shirt pocket (Seriously so cute, and I will be trying this!)

What would you do with your new bow?

Have a great day!

Marissa xo

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